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Summer Streets Of Rage Predicted For Europe & U.S.
Top historians, social and financial analysts, along with police bodies are all predicting that Europe and America are set to experience a summer of rage, with scenes mirroring the chaos we have seen unfold in Greece in reaction to draconian austerity measures now being imposed by governments in the west.

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Activists: IDF kidnapped Marmara Captain’s son as bargaining tool
Israeli naval commandos used batons, tear gas, stun grenades, rubber-coated bullets and live ammunition during the storming of aid ships bound for Gaza, activists deported by Israel to Jordan said yesterday.

Fatalities on Gaza Flotilla Said to Include U.S. Citizen
Flotilla journalist recounts ordeal
Ron Paul Points Out That Israel Created Hamas

Bill would give DHS emergency cyber powers
We’re learning more about the cybersecurity package forming in the Senate.

How not to save news: Bad gov’t ideas for journalism

Rand Paul Extends Lead Over Conway Despite Racism Smear
Despite a gargantuan corporate media smear campaign in the aftermath of his primary victory, anti-establishment Senatorial candidate Rand Paul has now extended his lead over Democrat opponent Jack Conway, with the latest survey once again contradicting a dubious Daily Kos poll last week which claimed Paul held only a three point lead.

Washington Post Exposes BP ties to Eco-Groups, Other Media Ignore Controversy
British Petroleum’s (BP) reputation has been marred by the April oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill which is still gushing more than 40 days later. But according to The Washington Post, the reputation of some left-wing environmental groups has also been polluted by the incident.

A Tea Party to Nowhere
The Tea Party phenomenon has attracted a good deal of both good and bad attention in the media.

Si, se puede! — Yes, We Can Enforce the Arizona Law
La Raza, MALDEF, MEChA, and all the rest of the shameless open-borders crowd should be quaking in their collectivist sandals. A fiery, well-spoken, and very wise Latina says that Arizona has the right to “protect our state from foreign invasion.”

Paul Watson Details The Globalists Panic Over Euro Collapse on Alex Jones Tv
The presence of Spain’s heavyweight political and financial leaders at this year’s Bilderberg conference is not just because the secretive annual confab is taking place just outside Barcelona — it’s because the Bilderberg elitists are panic stricken at the possibility that their embryonic global currency — the euro — could be heading for total collapse.

Deflationary Depression and Purging To Come
What now that stimulus packages are ending, money set to plunge, market control by insiders has to end, Fed doesnt need a monopoly, bond sales down, still high expectations for gold.

Premiums on gold bullion coins surge

Strategic Defaults: Is It Morally Right To Decide To Simply Stop Paying Your Mortgage?
In 2010, record numbers of Americans are defaulting on their mortgages. For most of them, it is because they simply cannot afford the mortgage payments any longer.

Nine meals from anarchy: What the coming food collapse means for civilization
A growing reliance on imported food and other necessities is making First World nations such as the United Kingdom increasingly vulnerable to social collapse, warns Andrew Simms, policy director of the “think-and-do tank” of the New Economic Foundation, writing in The Guardian.

The Death Spiral for Climate Alarmism Continues
As I have written in a previous post, the trend toward abject panic over climate change seems to have reversed course.

Pacific islands ‘growing not shrinking’ due to climate change
Low-lying Pacific islands regarded as “poster child” examples of the threat from rising sea levels are expanding not sinking, a new study has revealed.

Gores have lots of loot to split

Bilderberg 2010: Master Page
This is a master page with links to articles, videos, pictures and coverage of the secretive Bilderberg meeting, taking place over the 3-6 June 2010 in Sitges Spain.

Video Footage: Intense Security At Bilderberg 2010
Activists Give Warm Welcome To Bilderberg 2010

Just what is that greens like George Monbiot find so offensive about prosperity, abundance, happiness?
George “Grinch of the Guardian” Monbiot has launched a bitter assault on the most lively, uplifting and downright brilliant pop science masterpiece you are likely to read this year. Matt Ridley’s The Rational Optimist (4th Estate).

The WSJ’s Hit Piece On Gold
The WSJ issues an amusing hit piece on why gold is nothing but a “Ponzi Scheme”, ignoring the fact that by its definition the stock market is precisely the very same.

Los Angeles Students to Be Taught That Arizona Immigration Law Is Un-American
The Los Angeles Unified School District school board wants all public school students in the city to be taught that Arizona’s new immigration law is un-American.

Hay festival 2010: Overpopulation fears nonsense, says author Fred Pearce
Sir David Attenborough, Jonathon Porritt, Jeremy Irons and other “doomsters” are talking “dangerous nonsense” about the threat of overpopulation, according to the environmental writer Fred Pearce.

Bilderberg 2010: Globalists Panic Over Euro Collapse
The presence of Spain’s heavyweight political and financial leaders at this year’s Bilderberg conference is not just because the secretive annual confab is taking place just outside Barcelona – it’s because the Bilderberg elitists are panic stricken at the possibility that their embryonic global currency – the euro – could be heading for total collapse.

US Mint Out Of Not Only Silver But Gold American Eagles As Well
After following up with the Mint, any shipments and deliveries of American Eagle 2010 edition both gold and silver are TBD and the mint has no idea on when these will be received if at all this year.

Calls Increase for Government to Regulate Internet Journalists and Bloggers
Outrage is rising over a Michigan lawmaker’s plan to introduce a bill to license bloggers and internet-based journalists. The mere threat of retaliatory actions would be enough to dissuade many commentators from daring to issue a word of criticism or skepticism” and would result in self-censorship.

U.S. to Join South Korean Military Exercise Off North Korea Coast
The U.S. aircraft carrier USS George Washington will participate in a joint naval exercise with South Korea next week in the Yellow Sea, the same waters west of the Korean peninsula where North Korea is accused of sinking a South Korean warship last March, ABC News has learned.

James Cameron Asked for Insight on Oil Spill
MSNBC: “Titanic” director and deep sea explorer James Cameron took part in a brainstorming session with scientists, academics and Washington officials on Tuesday on how to contain the six week-old oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, environmental sources said. Cameron made two documentaries about the wreck of the ocean liner Titanic as well as the blockbuster 1997 Hollywood movie using a small fleet of specially designed remotely operated underwater vehicles.

Immigration soars 20% after Labour’s ‘crackdown’
Labour’s supposedly tough points-based immigration system actually led to huge increases in foreign workers and students cleared to live in Britain, it emerged last night.

Video: President Obama gets Heckled on Bus
US president Barack Obama enters a bus after his Memorial Day speech in Illinois being rained out and the passengers on the bus cheer as they cannot believe the president of the United States of America just walked into their shuttle bus.

NY Raid Rage: Immortal Technique joins crowds in march for Gaza
Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of American cities voicing their outrage at Israel’s raid and the response from the U.S. and the UN.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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