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Climate Cops To Fine “Wasteful” Homeowners
Climate cops in Scotland have been handed new powers to fine “wasteful” homeowners and businesses who use too much energy or too many plastic bags.

Arizona Looks to Outlaw Global Warming Legislation
Gore to Talk Climate Change With House Democrats Thursday
House Democrats unsure of global warming bill’s passage
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Former US National Security Adviser: US Has Intelligence Agents Working In Iran
A former US National Security Adviser has admitted that there are US intelligence agents on the ground in Iran and says they should focus on influencing Iranian behaviour.

Alex Jones Jumps Onboard Camp FEMA Project
Alex Jones admitted that he rarely granted on-camera interview requests because he is so often the target of smear campaigns attempting to discredit his work and destroy the freedom movement in the United States, but when director William Lewis asked Alex to be the lead expert in a new political thriller about death camps in America, the award winning filmmaker said, “Yes.”

‘If I didn’t confess to 7/7 bombings MI5 officers would rape my wife,’ claims torture victim
A British man suing the Home Office over claims MI5 colluded in his alleged torture, has accused security officers of coercing him to confess to masterminding the July 7 London bombings.

Saudi royals funded 911: Lawyers

Bilderberg 2009 Intel Already Proving Accurate
Observers of the annual elitist confab known as Bilderberg have long known that plans discussed at the conference quickly become reality.

Triple Cross or Inside Job?
The government has a history of entrapping semi-retarded people who are then labeled as terrorists.

Rights group sues FBI to reveal its surveillance rules
A digital privacy watchdog group has filed suit against the Department of Justice in an attempt to make public new FBI surveillance rules that allow the bureau to spy on Americans even without any suspicion of terrorist activities.

Man killed in D.C. Metro crash ordered jets above Capitol on 9/11
A former commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard — who ordered jets over the Capitol amid the September 11, 2001, terror attacks — was among those killed in a transit train crash in Washington this week, authorities said Tuesday.

Obama’s Fix-It Plans
The entire presumption of the Obama-proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency is that banks and mortgage companies are under-regulated by the state.

Toxic Skies
For years the government has been involved in a secret operation involving contrails - the visible lines of condensed water vapor that jets leave in the sky.

David Suzuki: Humans are Maggots Living in Their Own Defecation
In this 1972 video, radical environmentalist David Suzuki, who demands “Sustainability within a Generation” (a code word for depopulation and a New Dark Age), compares humanity to maggots.

Fresh claims in ‘MI5 torture’ probe
A British man suing the Home Office over claims MI5 colluded in his alleged torture has said security officers accused him of masterminding the July 7 London bombings, it is reported.

Arctic temperature is still not above 0°C – the latest date in fifty years of record keeping
The average arctic temperature is still not above (take your pick) 32°F 0°C 273.15°K–this the latest date in fifty years of record keeping that this has happened.

China blocks Google access

Declassified Documents Reveal Saddam Wanted Alliance With U.S.
Another piece of evidence to add to the patently obvious fact that the United States had resolved to bomb Iraq shortly after 9/11 and that the WMD charade was a staged sideshow is the fact that, according to newly released interrogation documents, Saddam Hussein actually wanted an alliance with the U.S. because he was more afraid of Iran.

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Bernanke pushes back on BofA, Merrill deal charges
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday pushed back hard against accusations the Fed threatened Bank of America (BAC.N) executives if they halted a merger with Merrill Lynch or pressured them to withhold bad news about the troubled investment bank.

How the U.S. Has Secretly Backed Pakistan’s Nuclear Program From Day One

Very well buried is the fact that the nuclear arsenal that must not be allowed to fall into the hands of our former allies has been itself the object of U.S. encouragement over the years and is to this very day in receipt of crucial U.S. financial assistance and technical support.

Pakistan PM urges top Obama aide to halt drone strikes

Ministry of Defence blocks Wikileaks
The Ministry of Defence is trying to block all internet access to the whistleblowing site Wikileaks from thousands of its own computers after discovering that dissidents have been using it to leak copies of British military manuals.

Anger as MPs say no to Southampton fluoridated water review
IT was a plea from 15,000 residents – but one that looks set to be ignored.

California set to issue IOUs as fiscal crisis weighs
California’s controller said on Wednesday that he would have to issue IOUs in a week if lawmakers can’t quickly solve a $24 billion budget deficit, and the state’s treasurer plans to tap a reserve fund to meet debt service costs.

China Should Buy Gold to Hedge Dollar Fall: Researcher
Warren Buffett to CNBC: U.S. Economy In “Shambles” .. No Signs of Recovery Yet
IRS Moves to Ban Tax Returns Filed By All But ‘Experts’

Venezuela’s Chavez sees CIA hand in Iran unrest
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the CIA of being behind anti-government protests rocking Iran, and repeated his support for Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad compares Obama to Bush
Iran arrests election protest Britons

NKorea warns of ‘dark clouds of nuclear war’
North Korea warned that “dark clouds of nuclear war” are gathering over the peninsula and vowed to strengthen its atomic arsenal as it marked the anniversary of the 1950-1953 conflict.

Lawyer: Spanish prosecution of Bush lawyers will proceed
The Spanish lawyer working to indict six former Bush administration attorneys for their roles in the US’s torture program says the case will go ahead in Spanish courts.

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

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