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Bloggers lobby to fight regulation by government


Web log founders who built followings with anti-establishment postings are now lobbying the establishment to try to fend off government regulation. Some are even working with a political action committee, lawyers and public-relations consultants to do it.

>> A Peek Inside The Bohemian Club

>> Zogby Poll: 42% Would Support Impeachment Proceedings Against Bush

>> 52 House members file FOIA request seeking documents related to Downing Street minutes

>> U.S. changed Iraq policy to begin airstrikes months before war

>> Report on Ahmadinejad’s role in hostage siege false

>> Americans buying more guns, sales up 11%

>> Cheney EKG? Media pulse quickening

>> Former U.S. Hostages Believe Iran's President One of Their Captors

>> Student gets F grade for mentioning God

>> Italy presses US on 'CIA kidnap'

>> Hannity Says Pre-9/11 Iraq Invasion Plan A Conspiracy Theory

>> Bible Inspired America's Founding Documents

>> Stay the Crooked Course

>> Manufacturing Support: How the Washington Post Lied about Its Own War Poll

>> Who's Spreading What? Bush's Big Democratic Hoax in Iraq

Daily Show: Colbert - Administrative Discrepancies


>> Big Brother Law To Gag Chinese Bloggers

>> White House Announces Formation of Domestic Secret Police

>> Israeli Security Forces Evict More Jewish Settlers

>> 'Anti-gang' bill endangers gun rights?

>> Bush sets up domestic spy service

>> Children, too, are abused in U.S. prisons

>> New London residents to rally

>> Web visits put man in jail

>> Souter suitor wants real hotel company

>> PATRIOT expansion set for September 11, 2005?

>> Uzbek Journalist Reports Details of Andijan Massacre to U.S. Helsinki Commission

>> Use of Patriot Act against homeless is under fire

>> Taser controversy refuses to die

>> NKorea resumes building of two nuclear reactors: report

>> China tells US to butt out of its bilateral relations with others

>> China’s Hu Jintao Arrives in Russia for Talks With Putin

>> U.S. Agrees to Sell Arms to Egypt


>> GMB predicts 'jackets off' protests if Big Brother spy chips are used in UK

>> Campus cameras curb RRHS crime

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Privacy on parade, at a price

HOW MUCH did you value your privacy? Because there’s not much of it left. Tesco already knows almost as much about me as my mother does. The cookies in my computer record every website I visit.

Secret Bombing Runs Betray Bush's Iraq Lies

This week, President George W. Bush gave a big speech "explaining" the Iraq war to the American people. It was the usual load of lying blather and false piety -- deeply, even murderously cynical.

Try and stop reading in a linear, left to right, letters in consecutive order, syllable-based way.

>> Rove: The Lord of Darkness

>> Doubting Thomases

>> Outsourcing

Iran Urges Worldwide Islamic Revolt

In the first such statement by an Iranian president in nearly 20 years, Mahmood Ahmadinejad said his election would mark what he termed a new Islamic revolution.

Governor Jesse Ventura Troubled By Official 9/11 Story

In light of all the other credible whistleblowers coming forward and exclaiming their disbelief about the official explanation behind 9/11, I thought it timely to reprint comments made in a similar vein by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.
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