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FBI trawls libraries for terrorist readers

The bookish calm of a public library might not seem like the most obvious place to hunt for terrorists, but according to a report, the FBI and other US law enforcement agencies involved in counter-terrorism have made more than 200 requests for information about borrowers from libraries since September 11.

>> Mexican drug commandos expand ops in 6 U.S. states

>> Trust In US Representatives Down To 17 Per Cent

>> WMD claims were 'totally implausible'

>> Captive Saddam misses Ronald Reagan, magazine says

>> Schiavo Burial Provokes New Fight

>> U.S. spending on Iraq may soon surpass Korean War budget

>> Is worst yet to come in Iraq?

>> Online Journal picks up Limbaugh Gitmo story

>> What Is Bush's Agenda in Iraq?

>> Penn & Teller: The Patriot Act (bad language throughout)

>> Gitmo appalling


>> Bush Doppelganger?

Circular Logic


>> Police plea to keep more suspects’ DNA

>> Data on I-95 Customs stops sought

>> Major newspaper proclaims: Durbin right about 'hellhole'

>> AP: Feds Collect Data on Air Travelers

>> Rush Limbaugh Plumbs New Depth Of Perversion; Releases Gitmo T-shirt Line

>> UK helped train massacre army

>> Iraqi Security Tactics Evoke the Hussein Era

>> Taiwan ship joins island dispute

>> South Korea upset about US criticism of North Korea

>> India completes hat-trick of surface-to-air missile tests


>> Big Brother is Watching You: America's Real ID

>> Cameras coming to Colton parks

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Forget Credit Cards Or Checks: Pay With Your Fingerprint

They're the first in Missouri to have it. A convenience store in Arnold has a new way for customers to pay by scanning their fingerprints. With this new system, customers won't need to carry a check, debit card or even cash. All they need is their finger and a code.

Old News Indeed: In 1999, Bush Craved Opportunity to Attack Iraq

Herskowitz was at some point pulled off the autobiography project by Bush's handlers, who thought he wasn't presenting the chosen one in a sufficiently adulatory light. But even if he had stayed on in the job, that honestly ejaculated little Bushism probably wouldn't have gone into the book.

It never ends.

>> The American Queen

>> Michael Moore Pitches New Movie Ideas

>> Bush's Perfect Self-Feeding Bureaucracy

China says US concerns over military cooperation with Israel 'groundless'

China Tuesday dismissed as "groundless and unreasonable" US concerns over its military cooperation with Israel, arguing no third party would be hurt.

Building 7 "Pull It" Comment: Silverstein Responds
For a year and a half since this website first gave traction to the story, the Internet and talk radio has buzzed with speculation on what Larry Silverstein meant when he admitted on a September 2002 PBS documentary, 'America Rebuilds' that he and the NYFD decided to 'pull' WTC 7 on the day of the attack.
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