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Tanks In The Streets Of New York

I couldn’t believe how many people just waved at the armed soldiers peeking out of the top, many even cheered loudly in support. Nobody took the time to say, “why the hell are armed soldiers and tanks rolling down the middle of the street?!”

>> Los Alamos Whistleblower Severely Beaten

>> Newsweek D.C. media manager to become PR VP for White House anti-drug campaign

>> Bush urged: 'Never apologize' to Muslims

>> The Downing Street memo – top secret no more

>> Personal Data for 3.9 Million Lost in Transit

>> C-SPAN callers slam 9/11 Warren Commissioner Hamilton

>> Federal Bureau of Entrapment: Orchestrating Terrorism

>> CAFTA: More Bureaucracy, Less Free Trade

>> Major US Retailers Gathering Data On
Applicants For Feds?

>> Prouty on the 'peak oil' scam

Infowars Flyer


>> Supreme Court allows prosecution of medical marijuana

>> Supreme Court Bans MedicalMarijuana Everywhere

>> Patriot Act fears

>> Handcuffed by police aged just 8

>> Amnesty International refuses to back down from 'gulag' comments

>> Md. bans night seatbelt spying, Ehrlich rejects police ‘big brother tactics'

>> China rejects Rumsfeld claims of military buildup as 'totally groundless'

>> US and Australian forces to stage huge military exercise off Queensland

>> US stealth bombers deployed in South Korea

>> American states debate a controversial US proposal to 'watch' democracies


>> Hollywood Foots Bill for Spy Cams

>> Big Brother on the net

>> MEPs to vote on ' invasive' data retention plans

>> Voluntary Security ID to Debut in Florida

>> Chelsea to mount security cameras citywide

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Surveillance Cameras Catch Gum Droppers In Britain

The true purpose of widespread surveillance cameras is right before us. The intention is to monitor behaviour and then define that behaviour as criminal.

Recent Patriot Victories An Inspiration

Recently, several world events have reminded us about the global consolidation of power that has occurred slowly over the past century.

Hand out and distribute.

>> Daily Show: The Sunshine Boys

>> Democracy Lite

>> How Dare They

Mystery sub was spying for the US

The mystery submarine that Israel detected snooping off its shores last November belonged to the American navy and was on a spy mission, Channel Two reported Sunday.

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