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Sensenbrenner's Sntich-or-Go-to-Jail Bill

I don't think I've ever seen a bill as destructive as Rep. Sensenbrenner's new drug bill, H.R. 1528, the "The Safe Access to Drug Treatment & Child Protection Act of 2005." You think America's prison population is too high at 2 million? Get ready for 15 million.

>> Death Toll at 825 Since New Iraq Gov't

>> Car bomb north of Baghdad kills 10

>> Is Israel an American Value?

>> Flynt's Hustler runs 9/11 truth expose

>> Fallujah Sheikh Says Al-Zarqawi Died On Friday

>> Government Wants 9/11 Funds Back

>> Pakistan ISI officials well aware of Osama's whereabouts, CIA Officer

>> Transcript of Estulin Interview Added

>> Fears over CIA 'university spies'

>> New 'Deep Throat' needed for Iraq, says Nixon rival

>> Conservative Vs. Liberal No Longer An Issue

>> Facts Are Facts: The Right To Bear Arms Saves Lives

>> Vive la France!

>> Warrants and Searches Without Judges: Post-Mortem on the 4th Amendment

Democracy Lite


>> Open door on Patriot Act

>> US offers to turn on water, electricity, if residents inform on Resistance to US occupation forces

>> After 30 Years, Draft Fears Rise

>> The Open Embrace of Torture

>> Woman claims excessive force in Taser use

>> Government seeks more access to consumer data

>> Police review Taser use on student

>> Rumsfeld warns China on lack of democracy

>> North Korean leader gets some respect from Bush -- official

>> Japan, US Plan Missile Interception Test

>> N. Korea’s Hacking Capability Could Disrupt US Military: Expert


>> South Korea, Japan End Maritime Standoff


>> Mystery over ‘Big Brother’ surveillance cameras solved

>> Oklahoma: More Homeland Security Funded Surveillance Cameras

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Germany plans passports with biometric data in November

Germany unveiled a new passport with a chip that contains biometric data and plans to be among the first nations in Europe to issue biometric passes, starting Nov. 1.

French and Dutch Patriots Rout the New World Order

On May 29, 2005, under a blazing sun, a raggle-taggle army of French patriots, nationalists, libertarians, conservatives, socialists and communists joined together as one in an unprecedented strategic alliance and mounted a stunning, crippling attack on the New World Order in the heart of Europe.

Tastes great, less filling.

>> How Dare They

>> If Jeffry Dahmer Had Been A Right Wing Pundit

>> Huge Crowd

Russian Expert Says Test Launches of Syrian Scud Missiles Political

The launching of Scud ballistic missiles by Syria has a primarily political background rather than military, a Russian missile technology expert said.

Italy minister says should study leaving euro-paper
Italy should consider leaving the single currency and reintroducing the lira, Welfare Minister Roberto Maroni said in a newspaper interview on Friday.
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