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Martial law threatened for Iraq

Iraq's incoming government is considering imposing martial law to help stabilise the country after another two car bomb attacks on Thursday killed at least 41 Iraqis.

Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show, 12:30 CST every Monday on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

>> Sweeping stun guns to target crowds
>> Rights Group Blasts America's 'Secret Detention Centres'

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>> FBI asked for secret Patriot Act searches
>> British police ready to link up to databases of US intelligence
>> MATRIX idea may be alive in Utah


>> County Commission considers use of surveillance cameras

Stop RFID in its tracks before we're all bugged

'I see London, I see France. I can get a bead on the exact location of your underpants and where you bought them and how often you've taken them to the laundermat, if ever — thanks to RFID."

NMCC ops director asked substitute on 9-10 to stand his watch on 9-11

Winfield had requested Leidig to assume his watch at what turned out to be the very outset of the September 11 attacks
>> Forget the Democrats: Bush Losing Support Among Republicans
>> Reality Television Creates Cadre of Negative Stereotypical Idols
>> Mrs Saddam says Saddam is not Saddam

And now....the weather

What Britain would look like if those satellite representations told the truth about chemtrails.
>> Chain of Command
>> Home of the Intolerant
>> Ashcroft's Torture Memo

U.S Hostage Beheaded

American hostage Paul Johnson Jr. has been beheaded by his Saudi captors. An Al-Qaida group has claimed responsibility for the killing.
>> Militants urged to spare hostage
>> 30 killed in Baghdad suicide blast
>> Washington accuses Iran of razing nuclear sites

Is This Really the Voice of Mohammed Atta?

Some people have speculated that the accent is that of an Israeli. If there are any Arab speakers who can comment, feel free to E mail.
>> Bone brothers
>> Cable access channel criticized for airing Berg beheading
>> New Information Shows Bush Indecisive, Paranoid, Delusional