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TSA Agent Poses As Cop To Harass Woman
Incident highlights concerns about federal agency becoming domestic security force.

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Czech President: Global Warming Doctrine a Communist-Style Effort to Control Our Lives
“They hate us, the humans. They consider us dangerous and sinful creatures who must be controlled by them.”

Long-term, universal flu shot on horizon

Golden Salute to Global Breakdown
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, look at gold’s standing ovation for the Obama-Boehner debt ceiling theater.

Gold Hits Record as ‘Go-to Asset’ Amid Debt Stalemate

Requiring immigrants to speak English ‘breaches human rights,’ claims couple as they launch legal bid to overturn ruling
Mr Chapti is an Indian national and does not speak, read or write English.

Obama Strikes Fear Into Americans While Reassuring Big Banks
While publicly fearmongering about a new great depression, the sun failing to rise, and the sky falling if the debt ceiling is not hiked, the Obama administration has been secretly telling big banks that there's no chance of a default, echoing how the 2008 bailout was sold on hyped threats and intimidation of lawmakers.

There’s Only One Way to Avoid a Downgrade to U.S. Credit
Down To The Wire: Wednesday’s Congressional Vote On Boehner Plan Delayed Until Thursday To “Find More Savings”
Obama “Will Not Take Yes For An Answer” On Debt Ceiling Debate

GOP lawmaker admits he’s extorting Congress to rewrite Constitution
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Monday that he is giving Congress ten days to pass a constitutional amendment that would make raising taxes nearly impossible.

Missile system aimed at Russia? ‘US can’t guarantee it’s not’
Russia and the U.S. in Washington have been trying to find common ground on NATO’s plans for a European missile defence shield, at talks in Washington.

Russia threatens to wreck the reset

US military chief nominee warns Iran
The nominee to be the next chief of the US military on Tuesday warned Iran not to pursue nuclear weapons or sponsor attacks in Iraq, saying it would be making a “serious miscalculation.”

EU Exploits Norway Massacre to Stifle Dissent
Wasting little time in exploiting the freshly dead bodies of dozens of Norwegian teenagers to push its draconian agenda, the European Union has swiftly announced that it plans to set up an "early warning system" to combat "extremism," the problem being that the EU treats legitimate criticism of its own corrupt institution as extremist.

TSA Reminds Us All Who The Real Terrorists Are
A new video of a distressed woman receiving a full body pat-down after going through an AIT body scanner reminds Americans that they are the real targets of the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security's crackdown at airports and other public places across the country.

NSA Admits It Tracks Americans Via Cell Phones
“There are certain circumstances where that authority may exist,” said Matthew Olsen the current nominee to head up the National Counterterrorism Center.

New High: 46% Think Most in Congress Are Corrupt
Voters are more convinced than ever that most congressmen are crooks.

Americans’ debt rage boils over

If election held today, Obama would lose in ‘landslide’
Those polls are even more ominous for the president.

White House Staffer Knew About Gun Running Operation Last Fall

This Time The Debt Ceiling Hike Really Is Different
Never before has the ratio of the proposed debt ceiling to the tax receipt ratio been as high as it is now.

Sen. Paul Speaks Out Against Boehner’s Bill

Italian Politician: Norway Killings May Have Been ‘Plot to Discredit Conservatives’
The killings might have been part of a plot to discredit hardline conservative thinkers.

The Political Theater and the Debt Ceiling Crisis: Are We Being Had?
President Obama has said that he will not resort to the various powers open to him to keep the government running should Congress fail to deliver a debt ceiling increase.

9 of Quartzsite’s 14 cops suspended after blowing whistle on Chief; Governor Ignores
Governor Jan Brewer continues to ignore the international attention paid to Quartzsite, Arizona.

The Left has lost its way over Libya
Why is the ‘misguided minority’ even regarded as being a part of a (real) left in the West?

Oslo train station evacuated in bomb scare as police hunt ‘dangerous’ ex-prisoner tied to massacre suspect
Part of Oslo’s central train station was evacuated this morning after the discovery of an abandoned suitcase.

Norway Massacre: The Role of Western Governments and Media As Accomplices to a Lone NeoNazi
Breivik ‘surprised’ he wasn’t stopped from shooting earlier

Gold strikes new record high on US default fears
Gold forged a record high above $1,625 per ounce here on Wednesday.

Court Filing Reveals How 2004 Ohio Presidential Election was Hacked: “Unexpected Shift in Votes For George W.”
A new filing includes a copy of the Ohio Secretary of State election production system configuration that was in use in Ohio’s 2004 presidential election when there was a sudden and unexpected shift in votes for George W. Bush.

Maniac Fascist Chinese Regime Forces Anyone Who Offers Free Wi-Fi Internet Access to Purchase Monitoring Software That Costs $3,100
New regulations that require bars, restaurants, hotels and bookstores to install costly Web monitoring software are prompting many businesses to cut Internet access.

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