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EU Exploits Norway Massacre to Stifle Dissent
Wasting little time in exploiting the freshly dead bodies of dozens of Norwegian teenagers to push its draconian agenda, the European Union has swiftly announced that it plans to set up an "early warning system" to combat "extremism," the problem being that the EU treats legitimate criticism of its own corrupt institution as extremist.

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TSA Reminds Us All Who The Real Terrorists Are
A new video of a distressed woman receiving a full body pat-down after going through an AIT body scanner reminds Americans that they are the real targets of the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security's crackdown at airports and other public places across the country.

Blogger Links Tea Party to Norway Killer
Craig Murray, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, is attempting to link up Anders Behring Breivik and the American Tea Party.

Norway Gunman Used Drugs, Thought He Was ‘Warrior,’ His Lawyer Says

New polls confirm Obama’s Democratic base crumbles
Now, comes a new ABC News/Washington Post poll with a whole harvest of revelations, among them, strong indications that Obama’s liberal base is starting to crumble.

IMF chief urges U.S. to immediately resolve debt spat
IMF chief Christine Lagarde on Tuesday urged the United States to quickly resolve a political stalemate over raising the debt ceiling.

Proposal to abolish part of federal health-care law has enough signatures for Ohio ballot
A proposal to abolish a key portion of the federal health-care law in Ohio has enough signatures to qualify for the Nov. 8 ballot, the secretary of state’s office says.

EBay auction leads to TSA theft charges
An eBay auction led to a Los Angeles airport security worker being charged with stealing expensive watches from travelers’ luggage, federal officials say.

Gunman Conspired With "Business and Political Leaders" Before Massacre
Anders Behring Breivik said he conspired with "business and political leaders" in London years before he set about planning last week's massacre, an intruiging connection given the fact that the gunman's manifesto is datelined "London 2011, suggesting a clear connection to the capital as evidence emerges of a wider plot.

Paul Watson & Webster Tarpley: Media Paints Breivik as Lee Harvey Oswald Type Gunman
Finland to boost web surveillance after Norway attacks
Alex Jones: ‘Anders Behring was Masons’ Patsy’
Coverage of the Norwegian tragedy: jumping to conclusions, absurdist claims and unanswered questions
Norway shooting: British police investigating Knights Templar right wing radicals

Chinese Fighter Jets ‘Repel’ US Spy Aircraft
Two Chinese fighter jets crossed an unofficial dividing line in the Taiwan Strait late last month in pursuit of a U.S. spy aircraft, according to defense sources in Taipei and Beijing.

Innocent people’s DNA profiles won’t be deleted after all, minister admits
The DNA of more than one million innocent people will not be wiped from police records, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Guns from U.S. sting at Mexican crime scenes: report
At least 122 firearms from a botched U.S. undercover operation have been found at crime scenes in Mexico or intercepted en route to drug cartels.

Issa: Obama admin intimidating witnesses in ATF gun probe

Ron Paul to Congress: Stop Stealing from the American People
Imagine you had a pesky neighbor who somehow took out a mortgage on his house in your name and by some legal trickery you were obligated to pay for it.

Debt Ceiling Intransigence: Unintended Consequences…

Muammar Gaddafi could stay in Libya, William Hague concedes
Britain is prepared to agree to a political settlement in Libya that would see Muammar Gaddafi remain in the country.

‘Radiation turns up in all kinds of food products in Japan’
The head of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, has promised to provide all necessary expertise to complete the second phase of containing the crisis by early next year.

Super Congress Will KILL Real Congress
Super Congress to bypass Elected Reps. The march to total Evil is almost complete!

The Federal Reserve ADMITS that Its 12 Banks Are PRIVATE – Not Government – Entities
Much of the tens of trillions in bailout money and “easy” money from quantitative easing went to foreign banks.

Why did the director of the American cybersecurity arm of the DHS abruptly resign?
Why did the director of the agency tasked with protecting the American government from cybersecurity threats resign so abruptly at such a crucial time?

LaRouche Warns of New 9/11 Type “Reichstag Fire”
“If you look around the corners of society, you will see that there are operations being staged which have a certain resemblance to 9/11.”

‘In Gitmo I got 30 days in darkness for feeding iguanas’ – ex-detainee
Guantanamo Bay continues to wreck lives, despite President Obama’s pledge to shut the notorious prison.

As the American Empire Spreads Abroad, it Becomes a Police State at Home
As America’s empire spreads abroad, it becomes ever more the police state at home.

Internet takeover: New legislation would allow state to arbitrarily shut down, seize websites
Freedom of speech is under attack once again as the bloated US federal government continues its quest to destroy the last bastion of free and open communication — the internet.

Physicists closing in on ‘God particle’
Experiments at the world’s biggest atom smasher have yielded tantalising hints.

Dancing with Default
This past weekend President Obama called for a mandatory meeting to try to come to a resolve to raising the debt ceiling.

Goldman Launches The SS QE3


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