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15,000 US Troops to Remain In Iraq, Renamed "Diplomats"
At least 15,000 US troops will stay in Iraq beyond the December 31 deadline which the Obama administration promised would bring a complete withdrawal of American forces. The majority of the troops will receive a "cover designation" and be labeled "diplomats," but their job will be to protect oilfields and serve four giant military bases that will ensure the occupation remains permanent.

Woman boards plane with 3-inch knife TWICE but TSA plays it down because explosives are ‘biggest threat’
The TSA has seemingly played down the incident saying its greatest focus needs to be on explosives rather than blades.

Bohemian Grove 2011 Cremation Of Care Interviews
Footage shot from outside the secretive elite gathering at the Bohemian Grove, currently ongoing in Monte Rio, California.

Qaddafi attacks western rebels to improve his bargaining position for ending war
Muammar Qaddafi has declared “We aim for victory – not compromise!” and launched his troops on a new operation against rebels in the west.

U.S., South Korea to stage joint drill next month
The South’s defence ministry said tens of thousands of South Korean soldiers would take part in the exercise.

Part-time troops on the front line: Government to replace 17,000 professional combat soldiers with reservists
Thousands of regular soldiers are to be replaced on the front line by part-time reservists to save money.

Ventura Threatens To Vacate US Over TSA Groping
Former Governor Jesse Ventura has promised to never fly again and could even relinquish his US citizenship if a lawsuit that charges the TSA with violating the Americans with Disabilities Act for touching the genitals of travelers is struck down by a federal judge this week.

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Is There Anything We Are Still Free To Do Without Government Permission?
If you plan on using the bathroom before you get done reading this article, you might want to check with the government to see if you are still allowed to do that.

Coming in 2012: Genetically modified front lawns and the mass spraying of neighborhoods and playgrounds with RoundUp
The world of biotech is set to unleash a tidal wave of genetically modified seeds upon the United States.

Nude, bound woman found dead in Big Pharma CEO’s home, not yet a criminal investigation
If a dead woman was found naked, with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound hanging from a balcony, most people would think it would become a criminal investigation from the outset.

WaPo Whitewashes Al Qaeda War Criminals

The so-called Libyan “rebels” are on record having been funded and supported for nearly 3 decades by the United States and Britain in their bid to oust Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi.

Lawyer Says Mubarak Is in a Coma, but the Report Is Quickly Contradicted
Conflicts about the deteriorating health of former President Hosni Mubarak reached a new peak on Sunday.

Were America’s Assets Looted Years Ago?

Forbes’ Merrill Matthews argues that the multi-trillion dollar social security trust fund was looted years ago.

Gold soars above $1,600 per ounce for first time

Police Across the Nation Will Roll Out Face-Recognizing iPhone Tech This Year
A controversial piece of facial recognition technology … is rolling out in police stations across the country this fall, and naturally not everyone is happy about it.

Predictive Programming: Illuminati Pictures Presents “Contagion” (Video)
So the Illuminati “Warner” Bros want to light a little fire, do they. “Nothing like a good pandemic movie.”

Trained for Pain: Get your Torture Degree from School of Americas
It’s been 30 years since Colombian soldiers kidnapped, beat, tortured, starved and electro-shocked Hector Aristizabal — but it’s a memory he lives with everyday.

Devastating paper on IPCC consensus
A devastating paper by Jane Goodwin on Iowa State university is discussed at Judy Curry’s blog. The subject is the IPCC consensus.

TSA Charges Congressman With Violating Federal Law For Exposing Security Breaches
Officials at the Department of Homeland Security, the parent agency of the TSA, have claimed that a Congressman violated federal law by disclosing to the press details of 25,000 security breaches over the past ten years, despite the fact that the documents from which he gleaned the information were non-classified.

Default ‘Off the Table,’ Debt Deal Will Be Struck: Geithner
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told CNBC Monday that he is certain that congressional leaders will strike a deal to raise the federal debt ceiling.

Moody’s suggests U.S. eliminate debt ceiling

Ron Paul: Stop The Endless Spending
The Congressman returns with more Texas Straight Talk.

6 Steps by the IMF for a One-World Currency
In mainstream financial circles, the concept of a global currency is often spoken of only with an atmosphere of caution.

Halliburton profit jumps on strong U.S. demand
The world’s second-largest oilfield services company, reported a forecast-topping 54 percent jump in quarterly profit.

Get Ready for a 70% Marginal Tax Rate
President Obama has been using the debt-ceiling debate and bipartisan calls for deficit reduction to demand higher taxes.

EPA Tells Kids That The Weather Has Gotten Wilder
They must be referring to the downwards trend in landfalling hurricanes and severe tornadoes which NOAA has documented.

Experts Warn of al-Qaeda Attack If Debt Ceiling Not Raised
It’s not enough to frighten Americans with personal financial disaster if the massive debt scam is not perpetuated.

Too Big To Fail?: 10 Banks Own 77 Percent Of All U.S. Banking Assets

These giant banks are also colossal mountains of risk, debt and leverage.

CVN 77 G.H.W. Bush Enters Persian Gulf As CIA Veteran Robert Baer Predicts September Israel-Iran War
While the fact that Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, and now Turkey, are ever more increasingly on edge is apparently something Mr. Market has managed to internalize.

San Francisco Police Accused of Shooting Teenager Over $2 Bus Fare
Witnesses said police overreacted.

Support Group: Documenting the Peace Laureate’s Progressive Atrocities
Do you support the policies and political fortunes of President Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate?

The Dark Truth About 9/11 Emerges From The Fog of Infowar
A world war will destroy modern civilization as we know it.

UK media ignore Murdoch role in Iraq war
After weeks of hue and cry about the Murdoch gate there seems to be a prevalent unwritten agreement among the British main stream media to ignore a fact.

Japan set to ban Fukushima cattle shipments after radioactive meat scare
Japan is poised to impose a ban on shipments of cattle from Fukushima prefecture.

“You Can’t Continue With The Status Quo”
Ladies and Gentlemen, the status quo got us in this mess and the status quo is going to keep us in this mess!

Rick Perry growing ‘more comfortable’ with ‘call’ to run for president
He said he would decide whether or not to run for president in two or three weeks.

Japan radiation specialists accuses TEPCO of total cover-up regarding radiation exposure of nuclear plant workers
Reports continue to surface about Japan’s tsunami-caused nuclear disaster at the Fukushima complex.


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