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Senator: Obama Creating Panic To Push Through Debt Hike
Fearmongering echoes how Congress was threatened with “martial law in America” before the 2008 bailout vote.

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Bill O’Reilly Calls For New National Sales Tax
O’Reilly calls for Americans to be hit with a 1% national sales tax.

AE911Truth’s Richard Gage Was On Irish Mainstream Television
It is a short interview but Gage admirably gets all the key points and facts across.

Expert: Parents should lose custody of obese kids
Dr. David Ludwig is arguing that parents should lose custody of obese children.

Police Intelligence Analyst Fired For Blowing Whistle On False Flag Terror
A British police intelligence analyst who was asked to create a strategic assessment concerning terror threats was fired when he told his superiors that the threat of an "internal tyranny" was far greater than that of Islamic terrorism, after discovering that both 7/7 and 9/11 were false flag attacks.

Sen. Mitch McConnell is Killing The Republic
In blatant contradiction to the Constitution and intent for the separation of powers.

Gore Announces New Campaign and Worldwide Event to Re-energize Global Warming Hysteria

Nobel laureate Al Gore must be noticing the public’s continued lack of concern for his money making myth about carbon dioxide destroying the planet.

Gaddafi regime ‘ready for talks’ on transition of power to rebels
Efforts to find a political solution to the Libyan crisis are intensifying.

9/11 And The Rise of The World Wolf State
It is an amazing fact of history that what passes for history in the West is factually untrue.

Monsanto and Gates Foundation Push Genetically Engineered Crops on Africa
The Gates Foundation claims that biotechnology, GE crops and Western agricultural methods are needed to feed the world’s growing population.

Richard Wolff: US is in serious trouble
What happens when state and federal benefits run out later this year?

War of words continues in Quartzsite
Dozens of residents gathered at the Quartzsite City Hall Tuesday, anxious to find out what’s going on with their local politicians.

Political tyranny in Quartzsite, AZ
The council has ousted Mayor Ed Foster from power and declared a state of emergency.

“During April, The People In Seattle Could Have Just As Easily Been In Tokyo For The Amount Of Hot Particles That Were There”
During April, the people in Seattle could have just as easily been in Tokyo for the amount of hot particles that were there.

Fossil from the ‘last dinosaur’ proves species WAS wiped out by killer asteroid, say scientists
A horn from one of the last surviving dinosaurs could finally prove that a massive meteor strike ended the extinct reptiles’ reign on Earth.

Rights Group Urges Congress To Scrap Privacy Busting Internet Bill
A prominent online rights group has urged US lawmakers to scrap a proposal that would see all internet providers required by federal law to store information on their customers.

The Risks of Shadowy Hacktivists Stealing Secret Data

Mom Arrested After Refusing TSA Molestation of Daughter
Abbott was arrested by Nashville airport authorities after she refused to let the TSA fondle her daughter.

Wheelchair Couple Tells of Being ‘Search Raped’ by TSA

Bernanke: Fed May Launch New Round of Stimulus
Bernanke told Congress Wednesday that a new stimulus program is in the works.

Gold Close to Breaking Record as Eurozone Debt Crisis Grows

Three Blasts Reported In Mumbai
Four people have been reported killed and 60 people have been injured in three blasts that took place in Mumbai, late Wednesday.

Belfast riots: More video of ‘Molotov cocktail’ battles in N. Ireland

Vladimir Putin Calls Bernanke A Hooligan, Angry At American Money Printing
Who would have thought that Ron Paul’s ideological ally in his quest to take down the Chairsatan would be none other than the Russian dictator-in-waiting (or rather, in actuality), Vladimir Putin.

Outcasts: Tonight Tens Of Thousands Of Formerly Middle Class Americans Will Be Sleeping In Their Cars, In Tent Cities Or On The Streets
Economic despair is beginning to spread rapidly in America.

Where are the 400,000 new jobs promised by Pelosi?
So when exactly were those 400,000 jobs supposed to be created?

Health Ranger to host Alex Jones show Thursday, featuring Julie Bass, the Michigan woman facing jail time for planting a garden
Catch all these groundbreaking interviews — plus Paul Watson, Aaron Dykes and fresh news analysis — on the Alex Jones Show this Thursday at 11am central time (12 noon New York time).

‘Stupid Libya war doomed to fail as EU falling apart itself’
The French Parliament is due to vote on extending the military campaign in Libya.

US airstrike kills 4 Afghan civilians
A US airstrike has killed at least four civilians in Kunar province in northeast Afghanistan.

How to protect your mobile phone and computer from illegal police searches
The U.S. Constitution is clear about the issue of privacy.

Rating Agency Wars 2: The New Evil Empire Strikes Back – Dagong Says Likely To Downgrade US Even If Debt Limit Raised
The US’ sovereign credit rating is likely to be downgraded regardless of whether the US Congress reaches an agreement on raising its statutory debt limit.

EU declares war on agencies as Ireland’s rating gets junk status
Ireland yesterday became the third eurozone country to have its credit rating downgraded to junk status.

‘Gutter Grabbers’ Target Main Line Homes For Copper
A rash of copper thefts in Montgomery county has residents on alert.


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