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Congressman says unlikely Holder did not know about Operation Fast and Furious
Mexican authorities want to prosecute officials responsible for program.

Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling
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5 Undisputed NATO Bombings of Libyan Civilians
Five recent instances of undisputed NATO bombings on Libyan civilians selected because they still among the most discussed by residents of Tripoli.

5 Reasons Progressives Should Join the Ron Paul Revolution
There aren’t many people still calling Ron Paul’s ideas radical.

Of Course Unemployment Is Rising … Government Policy Is GUARANTEEING It
These bad numbers caught many by surprise. But as I repeatedly noted, government policy guarantees rising unemployment.

MI5 tapped innocent people’s phone numbers in secret surveillance mix-up
MI5 agents mistakenly listened to innocent people’s phone calls after writing down the wrong numbers in secret surveillance operations.

Reporters Accosted As Bilderberger Mandelson Parties In Luxury With Rothschilds, Oligarchs
It was a lavish party packed with oligarchs and mining magnates. Just the sort of occasion where you might expect to see Peter Mandelson.

TSA screener sticks traveler’s iPad down his pants, steals $50,000 in other electronics
The TSA sure has a hard time keeping its own corrupt workers from committing crimes.

US Taxpayers Just Paid $780 Million To Fund The Latest Greece Bailout Tranche
The IMF is delighted to announce that it just approved a €3.2 billion disbursement of cash for Greece.

Rampant Unemployment = The Death Of The Middle Class
Without an abundance of good jobs, the middle class in the United States is going to shrivel up and die.

High levels of caesium found in Fukushima beef
More than six times the legal limit of radioactive caesium has been found in beef from Fukushima prefecture.

Japan’s Kan says nuclear clean-up could take decades
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Saturday it will take decades to clean up and decommission the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

Malaysia Police Fire Tear Gas and Arrest Hundreds of Protesters
Police arrested almost 1,000 people and fired tear gas on protesters in Malaysia’s capital on Saturday in an attempt to prevent an afternoon rally by election reform advocates.

Record one in six Americans now on food stamps as depression escalates
Nearly one in six Americans now participates in the program, which represents a new record high.

Top “Reserve Managers Predicted that Gold Would Be the Best Performing Asset Class Over the Next Year”
Central banks have bought about 151 tonnes of gold so far this year.

Mess With Apple Store Customers, Apple Sends The Secret Service After You
Brooklyn-based artist Kyle McDonald was busted by the Secret Service for messing around with Apple store computers and shoppers.

Why Do The Police Have Tanks?
How did we allow our law enforcement apparatus to descend into militaristic chaos?

Perception of Syrian conflict defined by baseless “activist” statements
Syrian Activists Say…

Globalist Sedition takes to Malaysian Streets

Former CIA Director: Build a New Internet to Improve Cybersecurity
The United States may seriously want to consider creating a new Internet infrastructure to reduce the threat of cyberattacks, said Michael Hayden, President George W. Bush’s CIA director.

Fukushima government eyes drastic measure on cattle after cesium scare
The Fukushima prefectural government is considering asking livestock farmers to voluntarily stop shipping cows.

Japan rocked by strong earthquake
Report: North Carolina nuclear facility with superheated uranium leaking ten gallons of radioactive cooling water per hour

U.S. Is Deferring Millions in Pakistani Military Aid
The Obama administration is suspending and, in some cases, canceling hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to the Pakistani military.

Watching A Flatlining Economy
Government debt will be in the vicinity of $1.5 trillion this year.

Boehner abandons efforts to reach comprehensive debt-reduction deal
Presenting The Plunge In Foreign Interest For US Treasurys

U.S. decrees that marijuana has no accepted medical use
The decision by the DEA comes almost nine years after medical marijuana supporters asked the government to reclassify cannabis.

Australia unveils sweeping carbon plan
Australia unveiled its most sweeping economic reform in decades on Sunday.

Australian children are being terrified by climate change lessons

There’s No Recovery Because the Government Made it Official Policy Not to Prosecute Fraud
Fraud caused the Great Depression and it has caused the current financial crisis.

Ron Paul : Now We Live Off Our Military Power
Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the road to serfdom via the growing impact of government in Americans’ daily lives.

Bob Chapman & Alex Jones: No More American Blood Spilled for Global Empire!
Alex speaks with regular Friday guest Bob Chapman, a former gold and silver market broker and the publisher of The International Forecaster.

20 Really Bad Ideas That Are Almost Too Stupid To Believe
What in the world is happening to America?

Why QE2 Failed: The Money All Went Offshore
On June 30, QE2 ended with a whimper.

The Treasury Just Put To Rest Its Position On Whether The Debt Limit Is Constitutional
No, Tim Geithner does not believe that Obama can flout the constitution if he so desires.

Rep. Ron Paul: House Republicans would be “foolish” to accept debt limit deal
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul issued a statement opposing a proposed deal on raising the nation’s debt limit.

Police Arrest Orlando Activists For Feeding Hungry Children
Six activists were arrested in Orlando for Sharing food with the hungry.

Important steps to help protect yourself against harmful radiation
Damaging radiation comes from many everyday sources besides just damaged nuclear power reactors.

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