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Will NATO Resurrect Operation Gladio To Frame Gaddafi?
Libyan leader’s threat to attack Europe could provide NATO with the perfect pretext to launch a full ground invasion.

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Woman Faces 93 Days in Jail for Planting Vegetables in Her Front Yard
93 days in jail over a vegetable garden. For a regular mom with several great children.

FBI Claims Oklahoma City Bombing Tapes Missing
Jesse Trentadue says the tapes will prove others were involved in the plot that resulted in the death of 168 people

U.S. Wants Gaddafi Toppled By September
The United States and France have set a deadline of September 2nd to topple Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, with NATO powers ready to inflict a crushing blow if Gaddafi refuses to step down peacefully, according to Israeli intelligence sources based in Washington.

‘NATO kills 10 civilians for every troop targeted, destroys children’s facilities’
Russia’s Lavrov says no end in sight to Libyan conflict
House votes to forbid military aid to Libyan rebels

US government openly admits arming Mexican drug gangs with 30,000 firearms – but why?
This is not a conspiracy theory, nor a piece of fiction. It is now an openly-admitted fact.

Sweden Is Planning To Teach Every Schoolchild Chinese In The Next 10 Years
Sweden’s education minister said Wednesday that all schoolchildren will be taught Chinese within 10 years, reports AFP.

The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System
Polls show that a majority of Americans say that both the Republicans and Democrats are doing such a poor job representing the people that a new, third party is needed.

No More Privacy: Smart Meters Are Surveillance Devices That Monitor The Behavior In Your Home Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day
Have you heard about the new “smart meters” that are being installed in homes all across America?

Retirement Fund Plunder Update: $206 Billion So Far, $62 Billion Left
As of today, since the debt ceiling breach on May 16, the Treasury has plundered about $206 billion from the two primary retirement accounts.

Texas fight with EPA grows with power-plant rule
Texas Governor Rick Perry and two top state regulators on Thursday blasted the U.S. environmental agency.

VIPR Searches and the American Citizen: ‘Dominate. Intimidate. Control.’
The transition to a police state will not come about with a dramatic coup d’etat.

Global warming? A new ice age? The only certainty is that YOU’RE paying for the hysteria of our politicians
Who would possibly have thought it?

Food prices head back towards record highs
Hard-pressed consumers face higher grocery bills after new figures showed that food prices jumped by 1.3% in June to within a whisker of their record high.

Man mistakenly jailed for trying to cash check at Chase Bank
A 28-year-old construction worker was mistakenly thrown in jail after trying to deposit a check at a local Chase bank, and the whole ordeal ended up costing him his car and job.

Los Zetas Kingpin: We Bought Guns Directly From U.S. Government
Revelation heightens supicions that Fast and Furious was an Obama administration plot to undermine Second Amendment.

Obama’s New Gun Safety Rules To Anger Firearms Owners

“Belly Bombs” Terror Hype Is Easily Debunked
The facts show that the idea is a total myth.

Ron Paul: 9/11 Was Caused By Government Banning Guns on Planes
Congressman Ron Paul tells Fox News that not allowing Americans to carry firearms on jumbo-jets “set the stage for 9/11.”

New Bill Introduced in House Asks Citizens to Voluntarily Pay Down National Debt
Government thinks you’ll actually consent to surrendering even more of your income to the bankers.

US Needs To Generate 254,000 Jobs A Month For 65 Months To Get To Pre-Depression Employment By End Of Obama Second Term

Ron Paul Attacks “Regime Change” Bill
Statement on H.R. 515, the Belarus Democracy Reauthorization Act of 2011

Issa Says He Doesn’t Believe Holder’s Testimony Was Accurate
House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) says he does not believe Attorney General Eric Holder gave accurate testimony.

Radiation levels and locations to be mapped in Puget Sound by helicopter
Lessons from the nuclear incidents in Fukushima, Japan show the value of a project to measure background radiation levels in several parts of the state.

Man Arrested for Filming Police from His Own Yard
A Jonesboro, Arkansas man was arrested after filming police conduct a warrantless search of a woman’s vehicle and body who was his neighbor.

Will 2012 Be The Year That We See Mass Starvation In Africa? 12 Signs That The World Is Running Out Of Food
Tonight millions of American families will shovel huge piles of food into their mouths without even realizing that starvation is rapidly spreading in Africa.

Egyptians train for one million man march in Tahrir Square
Activists and political groups that believe few of the goals Egypt’s revolution have been achieved are preparing for a million man march in Tahrir Square on Friday.

Celente: Congress is made up of soccer mommy’s boys
While president Obama is still discussing the issue of raising the 14.3 million dollar debt ceiling with lawmakers, raising the taxes of wealthy Americans seems not to be an issue.

Economic slump linked with soaring suicide rates in Europe
The financial crisis that swept Europe almost certainly led to an increase in suicides, according to health experts’ research.

Economics of the insane: Obama’s stimulus cost $278,000 for each new job created
There is a reason why libertarian economists want the government to stay out of the business of business – it’s because government is not good at it.

The “Debt Compromise” … Another Pass for the Rich and a Fleecing for Everyone Else
One aspect of the “compromise” talk is a story about how changing inflation calculations could generate significant new revenue for the IRS.

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