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Report: Ground Invasion of Libya Within Two Weeks
A hawkish pro-Israeli news outlet scorned by many as a Mossad propaganda front yet proven accurate in its forecast of future geopolitical events claims that the war in Libya is approaching a "coup de grace" and that French, British and American troops will land on Libyan soil within the next two weeks to spearhead a full ground invasion.

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Libya: NATO runs out of bombs, German shells ‘to the rescue’
The Alliance is running short on bombs.

Was seized British soldier handed over to Taliban by Afghan troops? Insurgents claim they have already executed kidnapped marine
Hundreds of troops were today engaged in a desperate search for a British soldier kidnapped by the Taliban.

Gold Special Report: Erste Group Says Foundation Of A Return To Sound Money Has Been Laid, Expects Gold To Hit $2,300
Erste Group’s Ronald Stoeferle has released another must read report on gold.

Jim Rogers Says He’s Shorting 30-Year Treasury
Jim Rogers, the noted commodity bull, is shorting the 30-year U.S. government bonds.

Hackers Break Into Fox News Account, Tweet Fake Obama Assassination News
A hacker group calling themselves Scriptkiddies has broken into one of Fox News’ Twitter accounts and used it to disseminate fake news about the assassination of president Obama.

Greek Sovereignty to be "Massively Limited" by EU/IMF Vultures
The cost of a decision last week to allow globalist vultures to metaphorically hog-tie Greece while the EU and IMF commences a good old fashioned economic pillaging of her state assets is a total evisceration of the country's sovereignty, according to Eurogroup chief Jean-Claude Juncker.

Greek Debt Rollover May Be ‘Default’: S&P

Time’s Orwellian Story on U.S. Constitution Refuted!
Time magazine’s cover story shows the U.S. Constitution and asks, “Does it still matter?”

George Will: The Constitution is an ‘anti-evolutionary device’

Rupert Murdoch’s Failing Attempts to Control the Internet Reformation

This shows us the importance of news to the powers-that-be.

Fake terror, real sentence: FBI inspiration for 25 years in jail
The case has raised allegations of entrapment, after they were actually incited by the FBI.

Japanese Researchers Announce They Just Found The Mother Lode Of Rare Earth Metals In The Pacific Ocean
More proof that so-called rare earth elements aren’t that rare.

Strauss-Kahn refused to pay maid for sex: Report
Strauss-Kahn has claimed that their sexual encounter was consensual.

Microsoft admits Patriot Act can access EU-based cloud data
Microsoft finally and openly admitted it.

Ron Paul Goes After The TSA
Congressman to re-introduce American Traveler Dignity Act this week.

Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job
When the Obama administration releases a report on the Friday before a long weekend, it’s clearly not trying to draw attention to the report’s contents.

It is paradoxical that “conspiracy theory” has become a synonym for “unbelievable.”

Egypt pipeline to Israel, Jordan bombed
An Egyptian pipeline carrying natural gas to Israel and Jordan in the Sinai Peninsula has been bombed.

King George III Won: Happy Fourth of July!
The Declaration of Independence is best remembered as a declaration of war, a war declared on the grounds that we wanted our own flag.

Security Grifters Partner-Up on Sinister Cyber-Surveillance Project
Last week, the White House released its National Strategy for Counterterrorism.

Wow, Lynas tells it like it is
This is in the UK Daily mail today, and it’s like sacrilege to the greens to have one of ther own say this.

Fukushima Cover Up Unravels
The Japanese government, other governments and nuclear companies have covered up the extent of the Fukushima crisis.

Republicans Might Accept ‘Mini’ Deal on Debt Ceiling, Senate’s Cornyn Says

The idea may delay politically difficult decisions.

Rand Paul promises to filibuster everything over debt ceiling

U.S. And Israel Were Behind Hariri Killing, But Falsely Accuse Hezbollah For The Crime
Washington and Israel are tag team terrorist states and the whole world is their ring.

Thailand: Globalist Stooge Returns to Power
At face value, Thailand has been dealt a horrific blow during July 3rd’s elections.

Gaddafi can retire in Libya under international supervision, rebel leader says
The United Nations will allow Colonel Gaddafi to live out his retirement in Libya if he relinquishes power.

Banks Commence Wholesale, Unsolicited Mortgage-Debt Forgiveness
It was just a matter of time before wholesale debt-forgiveness became the primary source of wealth in the US.

Oil spill outrages Montana residents
Outraged residents demanded more government oversight of Exxon Mobil’s cleanup.

Fresh meat versus processed meat: Here’s why it matters
Every July 4th, Americans gobble down enormous quantities of meat.

Forest density study blows hole in excess CO2 myth and the supposed need for carbon taxes
A new study published in the online journal PLoS One helps debunk this myth.

Scientists propose growing fake meat in labs to cut ‘emissions’
Is growing meat in a lab really necessary when simply returning to traditional animal raising methods would do the trick?

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