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Group Calls for Hearings Into Google’s Ties to CIA and NSA
More information has emerged about Google’s relationship with the government and spook agencies (see PR Newswire below). The revelations should come as no surprise.

Wanted by the CIA: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

BP Says Seepage From Ocean Floor Is NOT Related To Deepwater Horizon
A BP spokesman says seepage nearly 2 miles from its ruptured Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico is natural and is unrelated to the oil leak.

BP Considers New Plan to Permanently Seal Well

The US Will Collapse Before Moody’s Gets Around To Downgrading Its Debt
It probably bears worth repeating that if there were much about about Moody’s clout in the sovereign debt arena, it should have be erased today: Moody’s has no clout. Poll: Majority Believe Road Warrior Depression Coming
Economic Pain
Goldman’s Tourre Wants SEC Case Dismissed

‘Scary’ growth of gangs in war zones
Chicago cop who served in Afghanistan and Iraq has warning: Gang members are coming home with military training.

The Iranian Scientist Who Would Not Play Curveball
Useful insights often must be seen through a glass darkly. But some can be pulled through the smoke and mirrors shrouding the wanderings of Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri, who is now back home in Iran after 14 months in the U.S. as guest of the CIA.

Henry David Thoreau: Founding Father of American Libertarian Thought
Henry David Thoreau was born David Henry Thoreau on July 12, 1817, in Concord, Massachusetts, a small country town about 20 miles northwest of Boston.

Obama Deception Censorship Draws Major Response
Thanks to our dedicated readers and listeners, within twenty minutes of Alex Jones’ Sunday show ending where the news broke of The Obama Deception being taken off YouTube, three of the top ten Google Trend search terms were held by Infowars, Fall of the Republic, and The Obama Deception Censored.

Oh-No: Tests Confirm Oil Seep Distance Away From Deepwater Well
Admiral Allen has sent the following letter, via The Oil Drum, to BP, regarding the discovery of oil seeps away from the well.

Seep Detected Near Capped US Oil Well
Gulf oil spill: Fouling air as well as water?
LA Sen: Obama Trying to Conceal Oil Spill

Stress-testing Europe’s banks won’t stave off a deflationary vortex
Euroland’s authorities are inflicting a triple shock of fiscal, monetary, and currency tightening on a broken economy. They are doing so in a region where industrial output is still 14pc below its peak, where growth barely scraped above zero over the winter “recovery”, and where youth unemployment is at 40pc in Spain, 35pc in Slovakia, 29pc in Italy, and 26pc in Ireland.

John Taylor Says The Euro Is Like A “Headless Chicken”, States Prop Trading Makes Up 80% Of Goldman’s Revenue
The Sovereign Debt Supercycle Will Keep Getting Worse Until Something Breaks

WaPo Will Commit Treason Monday/National Security Staff Warned
Our constitutional rights are being trampled sixteen different ways every day by the Obama administration, the government has made it a felony to cover the Gulf Oil spill too closely, the president may have perjured himself in the Blago investigation, but never mind trying to cover all those worthy news stories: the Washington Post thinks it has found some national security secrets, so it’s going to blabber them all over its newspaper starting Monday—reportedly, complete with an interactive website linking jobs, codenames and missions.

Proof: Tea Party Leadership Denounced Racist Fringe in Writing in April; Black Leadership Ignored
Niger Innis produces a letter sent by a coalition of Tea Party leaders denouncing racism and asking to work with the Congressional Black Caucus to identify the people purported to have made racial remarks. The CBC has yet to respond.

Video of NAACP Racism Emerges After Resolution Condeming Tea Party Movement
Race is a tactic used by the global elite to divide and conquer the masses and pit them against each other. A prime example of this tactic in action is the recent NAACP passage of a resolution condemning alleged and unsubstantiated racism in the Tea Party movement.

Council race spies secretly rummage through rubbish bins to discover families’ habits
Councils are secretly rifling through thousands of dustbins to find out about families’ race and wealth.

White House shifts Afghanistan strategy towards talks with Taliban
The White House is revising its Afghanistan strategy to embrace the idea of negotiating with senior members of the Taliban through third parties – a policy to which it had previously been lukewarm.

12 year old girl naked body scanned
There’s been lots of talk lately about body scanners — the new airport security tool that allows screeners to see through clothes. People are concerned about privacy, delayed flights, health effects.

Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police
Videos of alleged police misconduct have become hot items on the Internet.

When There is No Rule of Law
Last week ended with some promising news on finally stopping the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, the administration still seems to believe that shutting down working oil wells is a higher priority than effectively dealing with the broken one.

US to deploy troops on Mexico border
The US will start sending some 1,200 troops to its border with Mexico in August to help in monitoring and arresting illegal immigrants, officials say.

You are too white to be American! Says Latino KKK

Phil Jones got to endorse papers for Oxburgh inquiry
It appears that the Oxburgh investigation let Dr. Phil Jones endorse what evidence (papers he’s published) to review.

Please remain calm: The Earth will heal itself

HIV vaccines cause 50 percent false positive rate in HIV tests
It may come as a big surprise to most people, but HIV tests given to people today don’t actually test for the presence of the HIV virus.

Report: Israel convinces Obama to plan for Iran strike
According to a report in Time magazine Israel has managed to convince Washington to put the option of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities back on the table.

Ahmadinejad: US behind terror attacks

Obama’s War on the Internet
The Ministry of Truth was how George Orwell described the mechanism used by government to control information in his seminal novel 1984.

Murdoch’s paywall is killing the Times Of London
What’s Really Going on Behind Murdoch’s Paywall? In London, Rupert Murdoch put a paywall around The Times and Sunday Times July 2: Any click off the homepage pops up a subscription screen.

Maryland Becomes Second State to Offer Federally Funded Abortions under Obamacare
Maryland will join Pennsylvania as the second state to use federal tax dollars to pay for abortions under the new health care law signed by President Barack Obama in March, according to information released by Maryland’s State Health Insurance Plan.

Cities Rent Police, Janitors to Save Cash
Faced with a $118 million budget deficit, the city of San Jose, Calif., recently decided it could no longer afford its own janitors.

Skin patch may end the need for flu jabs by 2015
A revolutionary skin patch that allows vaccines to be painlessly absorbed by the skin could replace conventional flu jabs within five years, scientists say.


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