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New BP Data Show 20% of Gulf Spill Responders Exposed to Chemical That Sickened Valdez Workers
In an under-the-radar release of new test results for its Gulf of Mexico oil spill workers, BP PLC is reporting potentially hazardous exposures to a now-discontinued dispersant chemical — a substance blamed for contributing to chronic health problems after the Exxon Valdez cleanup — among more than 20 percent of offshore responders.

Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”, “Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate “Into The Cells” and “Every Organ System”
128 BP Oil Cleanup Workers Sickened in Louisiana – Told NOT to go to Public Hospitals
More Evidence Of BP Corexit Chemical Rain Blowing Into Fort Worth Texas
Schlumberger’s secret “smoking oil rig” documents

Presenting The Wall Of Worry: The 50 Ugliest Facts About The US eCONomy
After reading these it almost makes sense that the market has become completely desensitized to the sad reality now pervasive in this country.

Is the IMF about Ready to Muscle U.S. Taxpayers?

EU Banking System on the Brink
The EU banking system is in big trouble. Many of the Union’s largest banks are sitting on hundreds of billions of dodgy sovereign bonds and non performing real estate loans.

Nearly Half a Million Dollars Pledged by Americans to Fight DOJ Lawsuit Against Arizona
Americans from around the country are sending donations to Arizona in an effort to fend off a looming federal lawsuit against the state’s recently passed immigration law.

Belgium’s plan to wash its dead down the drain: Bodies would be dissolved in caustic solution… and flushed into the sewer
The move is intended to tackle a lack of burial space and environmental concerns as 573lbs of carbon dioxide are released by each cremated corpse.

Warming Indoctrination: ‘Tell your kids They are killing Santa Claus’!

Academics, Politicians: Pending Global Treaty Threatens Free Internet, Fundamental Rights
Over 90 academics, practitioners and public interest organizations from six continents have collectively warned that a secretive global treaty, currently being negotiated by governments of the world’s largest economies would see tight controls placed on the internet and would threaten other fundamental rights and freedoms.

Aussie Net Censorship Filter On Backburner
The Federal Government has deferred the introduction of its mandatory internet filtering program. Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy says the filter will not be put in place until an independent review can be carried out into what content would be banned.

UFO Is Secret Chinese Military Aircraft
If this was a secret Chinese military aircraft, as authorities claim, why would they fly it over a populated area unless they wanted to send a message to the United States that it by no means has a monopoly on sophisticated black budget technology?

U.S. consumers left defenseless against toxic chemicals in consumer products
U.S. law leaves consumers vulnerable to poisoning from thousands of unregulated chemicals in regular household products, warns Kathleen Schuler, a contributing author to the report “The Health Case for Reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act.”

Why I’m certain my friend Dr Kelly was murdered
Kelly knew his life was in grave danger, informing his younger companion that he had been told by intelligence sources that he was number three on a Saddam Hussein death list as a result of his work.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Global Elite Designed Sanctions to Kill and Impoverish the People of Iran
Omid Memarian, writing for IPS, warns that sanctions recently imposed on Iran by the United Nations and the United States will adversely impact that country’s middle class.

Pakistan bomb attacks claim 102 lives
The death toll from a suicide bombing and car bomb blast that devastated a Pakistani tribal town has soared to 102 in one of the country’s deadliest attacks, officials said Saturday.

Irony: Our Huge Military Is What Made Us an Empire … But Our Huge Military is What Is Bankrupting Us, Thus DESTROYING Our Status as an Empire
As I’ve previously pointed out, America’s military-industrial complex is ruining our economy.

Bilderberg luminary Mandelson brags about his control of the British Labour Party and “Kings” Blair and Brown
In a TV advert for the serialisation of his autobiography, the spin doctor-turned-Cabinet minister suggested the history of New Labour read like a ‘fairytale’, complete with rival kings and an evil prince – with himself cast in the latter role.

Coca Cola Commercial A Closer Look
In this Coke Zero commercial the eye’s can see the truth. The tongue cannot tell the difference. The brain just wants blissful ignorance. Too bad the truth can save your life.

BP Security Still Stopping Filming Despite Obama Policy
While the Obama administration continues to say the national policy is that no American journalist can be restricted from access to oiled beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, contractors for the British Petroleum oil giant seem not to have gotten the word.

6'4? Cop Bullies 4'11? Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance

Residents outraged: BP dumping oily waste in Gulf landfills
The Gulf area may have to live with oil long after the beaches have been cleaned. Some residents are outraged that BP has been dumping oily waste in landfills in their areas.

Global Warming Alarmist: Make It Illegal To Emit CO2
Caldeira’s madcap call to ban the production of devices that emit CO2 presumably includes babies, who in common with all human beings emit the inert, life-giving gas that helps plants grow. Is a one child policy not enough for these control freaks? How about we just ban pregnancy all together while putting a tax on breathing?

Streets of Rage: Searching for Justice in Oakland
As the Oakland community begins to understand the meaning of Johannes Mehserle’s involuntary manslaughter verdict, the streets exploded angrily last night.

Google’s Street View ’snoops’ on Congress members
Google’s popular Street View project may have collected personal information of members of Congress, including some involved in national security issues.


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