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Despite Rumors, Officials Insist No Gulf Evacuation Planned
Despite growing rumors that there are plans for an imminent evacuation of the area affected by the BP oil spill, officials insist that no such program is being considered, attributing the stories to Internet bloggers with overactive imaginations.

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Is America Really Free, If A Privately-Owned Central Bank Controls Our Currency And Runs Our Economy?
This weekend we celebrated America’s Independence Day. But are we really a free nation? The truth is that it is really hard to argue that we are “free” when our currency system and our economy are run by an unelected privately-owned central bank.

On Why America’s 234th Birthday May Not Have Many More To Follow

Around the world, freedom is in peril
As America this weekend celebrates the birth of its liberty, in much of the rest of the world freedom and democracy are in retreat.

BP bill for oil spill tops $3bn
BP has said it has now spent more than $3 billion (£1.9 billion) in attempts to stop an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and to settle damage claims.

Euro Weakens, Bonds Rise on Trichet Austerity Comments; Stocks Fluctuate
The euro ended a three-day winning streak and bonds rose after European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet urged “austerity” measures to contain budget deficits. European shares swung between gains and losses, while stocks in Brazil and Canada declined.

Charging per mile ‘inevitable’
A report from the RAC Foundation says it is “inevitable” that motorists will be charged for every mile they travel in order to avoid gridlock on the roads.

Intelligent cars will report accidents to authorities

Pentagon plans ‘flying submarine’
Pentagon researchers are attempting to develop a military vehicle which can travel underwater like a submarine before bursting out of the waves and flying like an aeroplane.

TSA To Block Websites With "Controversial Opinions"
The Transportation Security Administration will block all websites that contain "controversial opinion" from its federal computers in the latest example of how Internet censorship is expanding in both the private and public sector as the federal government prepares to push through a power grab that will empower President Obama to shut down the world wide web with an emergency decree.

Global Elites Struggle to Keep EU, Euro Intact
Bilderberg members pushed hard in a frantic attempt to save the euro during the recent weekend-long economic summit in Toronto, but this action was ignored by the major media, which is under control of the secret group of international financiers and political czars.

How China’s New Generation Of Workers Won’t Accept Slave Labor
The Death Cross: Another Sign That We Are On The Verge Of A Recession?

Exclusive: ‘Drug war insurgent’ Barry Cooper may face prison for ‘false reports’ to police
One former drug cop’s crusade of civil disobedience against America’s drug war establishment has turned into a nightmare for his family, which now faces the very real threat of losing a father and husband for up to six months or more.

JFK airport terminal reopened after bomb scare
A terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York was evacuated Sunday evening for about two hours after a caller phoned in a threat, according to a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Couple threatened with social services because their children ride bikes to school

A couple who let their two young children cycle to their private school have been warned they could be reported to social services unless they supervise the journey.

Social Scare: Cops take kids away in ‘forced adoption’ racket

‘Climategate’ was ‘a game-changer’ in science reporting, say climatologists
Science has been changed forever by the so-called “climategate” saga, leading researchers have said ahead of publication of an inquiry into the affair – and mostly it has been changed for the better.

Iran unveils human-like robot: report
Iran has developed a new human-like walking robot to be used in “sensitive jobs,” government newspaper Iran reported on Sunday.

Economists, Financial Experts: U.S. Is Trapped In 1932 Size Depression
Following Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman’s declaration last week that the U.S. is in entering a third period of great depression, more and more economists are following suit, comparing the scale of the crisis to that of the early 1930s.

Profits and Moves Behind the Downturn
The Fed says US unemployment is likely to stay high for a long time, and that justifies zero interest rates indefinitely.

Retired Geography Professor Advocates Global One-Child Policy
Business Insider featured a post yesterday by geography professor Gary L. Peters under the header “Population Growth Is Still The Biggest Problem Facing Humanity”.

The World Blowed Up Real Good

This bit of multimedia art showing nuclear explosions around the world from 1945-1998 is like something from the Farm Film Report on SCTV, with things blowing up “real good”. Incredible and unnerving, especially in years like 1958 and 1962.

Iran Says Germany, UK And UAE Deny Fuel to Its Planes
Iranian officials accused Germany, Britain and the United Arab Emirates on Monday of refusing to refuel Iranian passenger planes due to unilateral U.S. sanctions imposed over its nuclear program.

Tea party gatherings on the Fourth mix the educational and the patriotic
“Tea party” activists across the nation tried to put the “independence” back in Independence Day this weekend with festivals and other gatherings focused on the Constitution — and how to use it for political gain.

Queen to unveil 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero in first visit to New York since 1976
The Queen is to visit Ground Zero in New York for the first time tomorrow when she will lay wreath where 3,000 people died in the September 2001 terror attack.

BP, Homeland Security, and Cops Work Together to Deny First Amendment
The father of fascism, Benito Mussolini, defined fascism as corporatism. “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power,” said Mussolini.

First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian

Spy tech that ‘monitors conversations’ being launched in Europe: report
Privacy rights advocates and civil liberties campaigners in Europe are raising the alarm about a new surveillance system that monitors conversations in public.

The War That’s Not a War
For most Americans, we are at war — at war against a tactic called terrorism, not a country.

Republicrats and Pandora
The story of Pandora’s Box derives from ancient Greece and remains very relevant today but is not well understood, and too often neglected.

John Gormley: Fluoride, GMO and the Rockefeller Communist ‘Coincidence’!
The facts on fluoride listed below are fully referenced for anyone doubting the science behind the clear evidence that fluoride in public water supplies, toothpastes etc is detrimental to human and animal health.

World Leaders Accept Demise of Global Warming Alarmism
Last week’s G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto and its environs confirmed that the world’s leaders accept the demise of global-warming alarmism.

Fmr. CNN journo: Attacks on Rolling Stone reporter make media look servile
Last week, CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan blasted a Rolling Stone reporter whose article cost Gen. Stanley McChrystal his job as commander in Afghanistan.

LAPD ordered to pay $1.7 million to reporters beaten at rally
Three Los Angeles-area reporters who said they were physically assaulted by LAPD officers at a 2007 rally have won their day in court.

Hundreds of households hit with bin fines bigger than those given to shoplifters
Council “bin police” are punishing hundreds of households with bigger fines than those given by police to shoplifters, it can be revealed.


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