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Scientists Admit Chemtrails Are Creating Artificial Clouds
Scientists now admit that emissions from aircraft are forming artificial clouds that block out the sun, precisely what geoengineering advocates like top eugenicist and White House science advisor John P. Holdren have called for, but the article tries to insinuate that the effect is caused by natural “vapours,” when in reality it can be attributed to chemtrails that contain substances harmful to humans.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Reuters: Should BP nuke its leaking well?
His face wracked by age and his voice rasping after decades of chain-smoking coarse tobacco, the former long-time Russian Minister of nuclear energy and veteran Soviet physicist Viktor Mikhailov knows just how to fix BP’s oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ron Paul: 114 Flip Flop on Audit The Fed Causing Bill to Fail 229 – 198
Ron Paul’s attempt to audit the Federal Reserve, which was previously co-sponsored by 320 members of the House (HR 1207), failed by a vote of 229-198. All Republicans voted in favor of the measure with 23 Democrats crossing the aisle to vote with Republicans. 122 co-sponsors of HR 1207, all Democrats, jumped ship and voted against the measure.

Bank Of England: Get Ready For Second Credit Crunch

Google’s Eric Schmidt: You can trust us with your data
The fact of the matter is that if you’re online all the time, computers are generating a lot of information about you. This is not a Google decision, this is a societal decision. In Britain, you all allow yourselves to be photographed on every street corner. Where are the riots?”

Popular Music Is The Babylon System
It has never been more apparent to those who have awakened from the slumber imposed upon them by popular culture that the establishment music industry now pumps out the most dumbed-down, monotonous, garbage which actually serves to induce depression and despair in those who are enlightened and aware, while providing hypnotizing bread and circuses for those still transfixed by the babylon system.

Obama’s Immigration Speech Gives MSNBC Anchor ‘Chills’– Twice
This summer’s news cycle is so busy that President Obama’s major policy speech on immigration this morning was met with a lukewarm reception and quickly dismissed under the silhouette of sexy spy Anna Chapman.

Pakistan Suicide Bombings Caught on CCTV
A city official says at least two suicide bombers attacked a popular Muslim shrine in the Pakistan city of Lahore, killing 35 people and wounding 175 late Thursday. Thousands of people were visiting the Data Darabar shrine.

Russian spy ring: Suspect ‘confesses’ and puts loyalty to KGB before family
The FBI says that one of the alleged spies accused of being part of a deep cover espionage ring in the US has confessed to working for Russian intelligence and to constructing a fictitious identity.

German man facing jail for having Hitler speech as his mobile ringtone
A German man is facing up to six months in jail for having a speech by Adolf Hitler as his mobile phone ringtone.

China installs 40,000 CCTV cameras in Xinjiang ahead of anniversary of deadly riots
China has installed 40,000 high-definition ‘Eagle-Eye’ surveillance cameras in the far west region of Xinjiang days before the first anniversary of ethnic riots that left 200 people dead.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to President Barack Obama on illegal immigration: ‘Do your job!’
Governor Jan Brewer is taking the immigration fight straight to President Obama.

Are Climate Alarmists Losing the BBC?
It didn’t start well. Monday night’s edition of Panorama, entitled ‘What’s Up With the Weather?’ aimed to examine British attitudes to climate change and the state of the science in the wake of both ‘Climategate’ and the failure of the Copenhagen conference on climate change last December.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister: Climate Change bill a “load of rubbish” and “hoax”

Allegations Emerge BP Is Dumping Sand To Cover Oil
They believe that BP has been dumping sand on the beaches in order to cover up oil.

Flu Vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO — all exposed by Richard Gale and Gary Null
A remarkable article was published today by authors Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network ( It may be the most shocking (and important) public health article published in the last two years. If you read just one health article this entire month, make it this one.

Clinton, Obama Defend Byrd’s Ku Klux Klan Membership
While would be Senator Rand Paul was recently slated by the controlled left wing media for his nuanced philosophical view on one of the ten titles of the Civil Rights Act, the late Sen. Robert Byrd – an actual former member of the Ku Klux Klan – was lauded today by a former president as well as the nation’s first black president.

Washington Post fails to disclose blogger’s ties to White House
A week after a Washington Post blogger was forced to resign, in part, because conservatives felt that the paper wasn’t properly labeling his political ideology, an examination of West Wing payroll statistics by RAW STORY reveals that the Post is failing to disclose another blogger’s connection to the White House.

Seventy million expired flu vaccines about to be incinerated as waste
Forty million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccine are about to go up in flames, and another 30 million will soon meet the same fate. They’ve expired, you see, and despite the CDC’s best efforts to push flu vaccines on the American people, the industry still couldn’t find a way to offload seventy million doses of a vaccine that doesn’t even work.

The Destruction of U.S. Border States
While the 1980s and 1990s were dominated by optimistic reports and government statements on the contributions of illegal aliens, reality had to be faced soon. The three states—California, Texas and New York—harboring the most illegal aliens in America financially collapsed by the weight they chose to carry.

Tyranny of the Merchant Class
There is a reason why, so many centuries ago, every major religion warned its adherents not to give too much power to the “merchant class.” That reason is still here – the commercial drive knows few self-imposed boundaries, especially when it resides in large corporations.

Banned FEMA Formaldehyde Trailers Return for Latest Gulf Disaster
They have been showing up in mobile-home parks, open fields and local boatyards as thousands of cleanup workers have scrambled to find housing.

Not So Fast: Maybe SCOTUS’ Chicago Gun Ban Ruling Shouldn’t Be Celebrated
This week the Supreme Court of the United States, or SCOTUS, ruled to overturn gun restrictions imposed by the Chicago city government on its citizens. No matter how wrong or misguided you may believe the city of Chicago’s gun laws are, the Court’s ruling—and the way they came about it is nothing to be pleased about.

The Future of Audit the Fed
Congressman Ron Paul discusses the latest in the efforts to get a full and complete audit of the Fed as well as the future of Fed transparency. Like Congressman Paul says, we’ve accomplished a lot of good with our movement, and there’s many reasons to be optimistic for the future.

50 Random Facts That Make You Wonder What In The World Has Happened To America
Our world is changing at a pace that is so staggering these days that it can be really hard to fully grasp the significance of what we are witnessing. Hopefully the collection of random facts below will help you to “connect the dots” just a little bit.

Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to Create Jobs

‘Drug gang’ clash kills 21 near Mexico-US border
A clash between suspected members of rival drug gangs left 21 people dead on Thursday in a rural area of the Mexican state of Sonora, very close to the US border, Mexican justice officials said.

Tests to Start on Gulf Oil ‘Super Skimmer’
A supertanker converted to operate as a giant oil skimmer will be tested on Saturday to see if it is ready for use in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup.

US lawmaker: Oil spill costs may run trillions of dollars

“A Gigantic Ponzi Scheme, Lies and Fraud”: Howard Davidowitz on Wall Street
Day one of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission’s two-day hearing on AIG derivatives contracts featured testimony from Joseph Cassano, the former head of AIG’s financial products unit. Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn was also on the Hill.

G-20 is Relying on China To Drive the World Economy … But China Isn’t Looking So Hot
Ditch the Buck! Dollar demise ‘a matter of months’

Pentagon Updates Casualty List, Making June the Deadliest Month So Far for U.S. Troops In Afghanistan
As of July 1, 59 (new number) U.S. military fatalities were reported in Afghanistan, making June the deadliest month overall for American troops since the war started in October 2001, according to’s tally.


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