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Massive US Terrorism Simulation Involving Foreign Agencies Begins Today
A huge simulation coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has begun today with no mainstream media coverage at all.

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Nebraska legislators seek to assert state sovereignty
At least three Nebraska lawmakers want to send a message to the federal government: Butt out of state business.

Doctors face ‘playing God’ over who lives or dies if swine flu overwhelms NHS
Thousands of patients could be denied NHS treatment and left to die under ‘worst-case’ emergency plans for a swine-flu epidemic.

Britain: Dozens fall victim to side effects of swine flu drug

Amid Scrutiny, Yoo Pushes Back
Some public figures, if their judgment and ethics come under fire, retreat into solitude. Then there is John C. Yoo.

Government Swine Flu Advisor On Vaccine Maker Payroll
Many people seem genuinely baffled that western governments are hyping the arrival of a swine flu pandemic as if it's the greatest threat to humanity since the bubonic plague, despite the relatively low number of deaths from the virus, unaware that the pharmaceutical industry has been intimately joined at the hip with the state for decades.

Government Preparing Mass Graves, Martial Law For Swine Flu Pandemic

Fast-tracked swine flu vaccine will be safe, officials insist
The World Health Organisation has raised concerns about the fast-track production of the swine flu vaccine in Europe, where the treatment is due to be made available at least two months earlier than in the US.

Lackawanna residents happy ‘crazy’ Cheney plan was axed
Officials and residents in Lackawanna, New York — the Buffalo suburb that was the home of the Lackawanna Six convicted terrorists — are happy that Vice-President Dick Cheney’s push to use the US military to arrest the men was shot down.

Gates: Iran is a threat to Israel, US
Washington says Iran’s nuclear program is a threat to both Israel and the United States, reaffirming its ‘unbreakable bond’ with Tel Aviv.

Gun admirers flock to US car dealership
Forget electric windows and parking sensors – an American car dealership is tempting its customers with an unusual “optional extra”: a Kalashnikov.

£500 reward offered by council to spy on neighbours
Nosy neighbours are being offered rewards of up to £500 of taxpayers’ money to spy on other residents, it emerged today.

Businessman claims British link to torture: report
A Brit, who claims to have been tortured in the United Arab Emirates, said he has fresh evidence showing that British security services were involved, a newspaper said Monday.

Report: China has more Web users than US has citizens
The number of Internet users in China is now greater than the entire population of the United States, after rising to 338 million by the end of June, state media reported Sunday.

GM crop trials start again in Britain in ’secret’: report
Genetically modified crops are being grown in Britain for the first time in 12 months after controversial trials were resumed without alerting the public, a newspaper reported Monday.

Dollar Falls to Near 2009 Low as Economy Pares Refuge Demand
The dollar fell to near the lowest level this year against the currencies of six major U.S. trading partners on speculation the global economy is shaking off the worst recession since World War II, sapping safety demand.

Worse Than The Great Depression... Hyperinflation Is Coming! Own Gold & Silver! Real Money-Real Protection!

North Korea ready for talks over nuclear weapons
North Korea said today it was open to talks about the rising tension over its nuclear weapons programme, a marked shift in tactics after months of ratcheting up foreign anxieties with nuclear test and missile launches.

American eugenics movement archives
Should you ever care to delve into America’s history with eugenics, the Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement is a handy thing indeed.

Former Mayor: Crusade against white lines (chemtrails)
“We are massively being poisoned and brainwashed” Former mayor Peter Vereecke (53) of Evergem wants the justice department and the city council to act against planes that are according to him spraying day and night disease causing germs and chemicals all over the world. ”Rest assured I am not insane”

‘Impeach Obama’ bumper stickers spark a shopping mall protest
While protesters rallied in his support, the owner of a Concord Mills kiosk that sells conservative merchandise said he met with the mall’s manager Sunday to see what arrangements can be made for him to remain after his lease expires Friday.

Terrorists could use internet to launch nuclear attack: report
Terrorists groups could soon use the internet to help set off a devastating nuclear attack, according to new research.

Unemployment Not Just a Problem in America … Unemployment in Spain Forecast at 22% by Next Year
Citigroup is projecting that unemployment in Spain will rise from its current 17.9% to 22% next year.

FDR Chickened Out from Making REAL Economic Reform
You Can’t Print Production and Prosperity

What’s the Establishment Got to Hide?
In a puzzling editorial in Friday’s edition, the Washington Post blasted the Federal Reserve Transparency Act as “an unserious answer to a serious question.” The Post, which tends to be predictably liberal and quite bland in its editorial pronouncements, used unusually harsh language, calling the bill “wrongheaded in the extreme.”

Resistance Can Help Make Hate Law Unenforceable
After the pro-hate bill victory in the Senate July 16, I hoped against hope to find (or contrive) a way to induce President Obama to veto the arms/hate bill. Conflict between the President’s will versus that of the House of Representatives in regard to further purchase of F-22 fighters seemed to hold such promise.

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

9/11 Truth Hit Piece Propaganda


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