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Brzezinski: McCain would start WWIV
Former White House national security adviser says if John McCain becomes the next US president the world will move toward World War IV.

Iran Attack, Election Suspension, Martial Law in the Cards?
It didn’t make the news, at least not the corporate news. According to Bob Feuer, Bush will attack Iran, declare martial law, and suspend the election.

Obama: Iran should take U.S. engagement seriously
Iran has up to 6,000 enrichment centrifuges: Ahmadinejad

Gravel: Take Bush to The Hague
Former Democratic candidate Mike Gravel says President George W. Bush should be taken to The Hague for war crimes rather than being impeached.

WeAreChange Robbed of 3 Cameras and Important Footage
On July 26, 2008 around 4am Eastern Time WeAreCHANGE members Sabrina Rivera and myself Luke Rudkowski noticed our cars front widow was knocked out.

Police chief defends spying on protesters as terrorists
WJZ’s Weijia Jiang that superintendent of the Maryland State Police has denied wrongdoing in a 14 month undercover investigation that spied on anti-war and anti-death penalty groups.

Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
All air passengers to give their fingerprints ... but is the reason security or simply to raise profits for the duty-free shops?

Do Not Name Names, Do Not Accuse, Do Not Say "Impeach", Do Not Applaud
The brave efforts of Congressman Dennis Kucinich and others to attempt to bring articles of impeachment against the president and the vice president cannot be underestimated, however, due to the brick wall erected before them by the Democratic leadership, statements at the hearing were very limited.

John Conyers and the Constitutional Clock
Bob Barr, former U.S. rep from Georgia, told Conyers and the House Judiciary Committee earlier today that we face a “Constitutional clock” in this country and that clock is counting down.

Sheehan: US political leadership corrupt

Hospital tasers 66-year-old minister over joke
A reverend claims security guards dragged him out of a Toledo, Ohio hospital and tasered and beat him because he told a joke, CBS reported Friday.

Multiple bombings kill 45 in India
Indian leaders appealed for calm and placed the country on high alert this morning after multiple bombings killed at least 45 people yesterday in the western city of Ahmedabad, the scene of deadly Hindu-Muslim riots in 2002.

Internet and mobile phones become all-pervasive in modern society

Qantas jet drama ‘due to oxygen explosion’
INVESTIGATORS are focusing on the possibility that exploding oxygen tanks were responsible for blowing a gaping hole in the fuselage of a Qantas Boeing 747 plane at 29,000ft.

New Oil Reality
Ben Bernanke’s Hush Money

The Briton facing 60 years in US prison after hacking into Pentagon
When he wakes up this morning, Gary McKinnon will be 72 hours from learning whether he is on the fast track to a 60-year prison sentence, thanks to his obsession with aliens.

REPORT: At $648 Billion, Cost Of Iraq War Almost Equal To Vietnam
In a new report, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reveals that the real similarity between Iraq and Vietnam is in the price of staying.

4,000 U.S. Combat Deaths, and Just a Handful of Images

Obama: Iran should not wait for next U.S. president
U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Friday Iran should not wait for the next administration to halt its uranium enrichment program.

Obama's popularity as anti-Bush is telling

Intel: Attack by al-Qaida westerners possible
Information recently obtained by the Mossad and Military Intelligence indicates that global jihad elements are working to recruit European and American nationals who have been indoctrinated with radical Islamic ideology to carry out attacks inside Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

U.S. regulators seize two more banks, engineer sale
U.S. regulators took over two banks on Friday and sold them to Mutual of Omaha Bank, the sixth and seventh bank failures this year as financial institutions struggle with a housing bust and credit crunch.

O’Reilly, Ingraham: Saying That U.S. Tortures Is ‘One Of The Most Hateful Stereotypes About America’
Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly and guest Laura Ingraham slammed Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) for declaring in Berlin yesterday that the U.S. will “reject torture and stand for the rule of law.” “Enough is enough with this torture nonsense,” O’Reilly whined, declaring it “rank anti-American propaganda” to claim the U.S. has tortured people.

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.

Truth Rising: Sneak Peek

Ireland Says No to the EU: Lisbon Treaty Dead and Buried?

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