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Judiciary Committee Head Rigs Bush Impeachment Hearings
S taffers of the chairman of the Judiciary Committee have reportedly told witnesses that Kucinich's informal impeachment hearing this Friday may be under threat of dismissal before it is even underway.

Conyers Tries To Kill Impeachment Hearings Before They Start
John Conyers is now taking the position that no one at Friday's impeachment hearing can accuse Bush or Cheney of any crime, or any impeachable offense, or dishonorable conduct, or even lying.

Turley fears Dems will let alleged 'Bush crimes' stay buried forever

Housing rescue bill passed in US
The US House of Representatives has passed a massive housing rescue bill that could help struggling homeowners get cheaper loans.

Visualizing Dow 6,000

Obama: air strike on Iran useless
The White House hopeful Barack Obama says an air strike on Iran will not halt its nuclear program, calling for tougher Iran sanctions.

Barack Obama uses Israel visit to reassure Jewish voters
Kagan: ‘The only way’ to ‘force’ Iran to halt its nuclear program is an ‘attack.’

Zbigniew Brzezinski to be the real power behind an Obama throne
As the United States election race enters the final stretch, Barack Obama as the candidate promising change is revealing his true colours, much to the despair of anyone actually expecting any change.

Navy Prosecutor In Gitmo Case: "If they hadn't shot down the fourth plane it would've hit the dome"
Some interesting information emerged from the Guantanamo Bay naval base yesterday in the form of a direct admission from a US prosecutor that the fourth plane was "shot down".

Obama says nuclear Iran poses "grave threat"
Obama hails 'miracle' of Israel on Mideast tour

Olympics: Protesters will be kept in pens during games
China will create three "protest pens" in the capital's parks to allow people to demonstrate during the Olympics, an official said yesterday.

Sound waves won't be used on protesters
TSA Agent Pulls Pants Off Man
Bush Plan for N Korea Ignores Labor Camps

Survey predicts vast supplies of Arctic oil, gas
An estimated 90 billion barrels of undiscovered but technically recoverable oil — three years of world consumption — lie north of the Arctic Circle, the U.S. Geological Survey reported Wednesday.

Music industry to tax downloaders
Internet users could face an annual charge of up to £30 to download music, under plans to be unveiled today that aim to tackle illegal file-sharing.

Soya-based foods may harm male fertility
Men who eat soya-based foods may be harming their fertility, doctors said yesterday, after a study found a link between soya-rich diets and lower sperm counts.

Cuba silent on Russian bomber report: Fidel Castro
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Wednesday said Cuba does not have to explain or "ask forgiveness" about a report out of Russia this week that Russia might use its Cold War ally Cuba as a refueling base for nuclear-capable bombers.

Moscow must answer U.S. shield with Cuban ’spy’ site - analyst

Key Benazir Bhutto assassination witness shot dead
Khalid Shahenshah, who was the former Pakistan prime minister's security chief at the time of her assassination, was killed in a drive-by shooting as he left his house in the southern port city of Karachi on Tuesday, police said.

US warns Iran of more sanctions

Fliers Complain About X-Rated Security Screenings
When travelers go to the airport, they know what kind of security to expect: luggage searches, metal detectors and shoe inspections.

Report: Fannie, Freddie rescue pricetag could hit $25B
It could cost taxpayers as much as $25 billion to save the government-sponsored enterprises that control nearly half of the nation's mortgages, according to a congressional budget expert.

Bank Gave Counterfeit Bills, Couple Says

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.

Truth Rising: Sneak Peek

Ireland Says No to the EU: Lisbon Treaty Dead and Buried?

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