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Arab Plot Against Bush - More Israeli Intelligence Activity?
Six arabs have been arrested and accused of trying to set up an al Qaeda cell in Israel, but given previous accounts of such plots turning out to be the direct work of Israeli intelligence, why should we believe any different this time?

Police attempt to arrest teenager prompts mass riot in England
Two policemen who were attacked by a 30-strong mob were today recovering from their injuries - with one receiving hospital treatment for a bite wound.

Nailed! Security guard and three police officers interrogated grammar girl who painted one fingernail in Boots

Time is now for intervention to prop dollar: James Saft
The time may have come for sustained coordinated intervention by governments to support the wilting U.S. dollar.

Global Warming Conclusively Debunked As Gore Calls For CO2 Tax
The world is cooling, sea levels are falling, ice is spreading, there are fewer extreme weather events, and it was hotter 1000 years ago, yet the myth of global warming is providing governments the excuse to micromanage every aspect of our lives, with Al Gore now openly calling for a carbon tax on the energy we use.

Gore calls for CO2 tax

Mofaz: No choice but to attack Iran
Israeli transportation minister Shaul Mofaz has reiterated his previous threats against Iran, saying Israel must be ready to act.

Israel Planning a September/October Surprise?
Iran: US will seek green light to open base in Tehran

Oil bounces, still tentative after 3-day slump
Oil prices rose $2 to stand above $131 a barrel on Friday, after a 10 percent decline in the past three trading sessions lured buyers.

The Greatness of the Market in a Crisis

Daytona Beach cop fired for demanding free coffee
An internal affairs report says a Daytona Beach police officer demanded free coffee and tea from a Starbucks and threatened employees with slower emergency response times if they refused.

Pigs Shot To Train US Soldiers
The US Army has defended a practice of shooting live pigs as part of a medical training exercise for soldiers heading to Iraq.

Fears of a 'no-fun' Olympics in Beijing

More doom for global economy
THE global economy is facing the toughest conditions in 25 years, federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has warned.

Depression is Inevitable Now

I Am An American!
Free republics are not known to have long life expectancies. At the ripe old age of two hundred and thirty-two, America is definitely showing her age. She is long past her prime, and some are predicting her demise. No, some are PLANNING her demise.

Comply or Resist

You were saying something about a Global Warming Consensus?
Deathly news for the religion of Global Warming. Looks like at least one prominent scientific group has changed its mind about the irrefutability of evidence regarding man made climate change.

Ashcroft: Waterboarding ‘Consistently’ Seen As Legal
During a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee today, former Attorney General John Ashcroft falsely claimed that waterboarding has “consistently” been defined as “not torture”.

"Obama's Nazi Youth Brigade"

Time Editor: America Has 'Appetite for Big Government'
Time magazine Managing Editor Richard Stengel said that “there’s incredible despair out there and there’s a sense that, that something needs to be done and people have kind of an appetite for big government in a way” in America.

Protesters, police gear up for convention
Imprisonment By Executive Order
UK formally ratifies European Union's Lisbon Treaty

WeAreChange confronts Christie Todd Whitman
On September 11, 2001 former NJ governor Christie Todd Whitman was the Environmental Protection Agency Director. The agency issued false statements and declared the air safe to breathe.

Bush hides Cheney’s ‘Plame-gate’ interview
Stop the Printing Press!

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.

Truth Rising: Sneak Peek

Ireland Says No to the EU: Lisbon Treaty Dead and Buried?

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