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Ron Paul: "Some Big Events Are About To Occur"
Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned the House that he is "convinced the time is now upon us that some Big Events are about to occur." that will cause liberty to go "into deep hibernation".

Texas Preacher’s Claim to be the Second Coming of Christ Gains Mass Following
“His message tells us that we’re perfect, that there’s no sin, there’s no devil.”

ACLU calls for probe of Chertoff over 'terrorist' watch list
The American Civil Liberties Union wants Congress to investigate the Department of Homeland Security's creation of "militarized zones" within the US in its overuse of a terrorist watch list and other programs that endanger privacy and civil liberties.

He seemed out of place at the Grove

Obama Calls For National Civilian Stasi
Presidential frontrunner Barack Obama has called for a "civilian national security force" as powerful as the U.S. military, comments that were ignored by the vast majority of the corporate media but compared by one journalist to the Nazi Hitler Youth.

Total Chief Predicts $200 Oil In The Future
The head of French energy giant Total believes that oil prices will one day top 200 dollars per barrel but not this year even if the market will inevitably remain strong.

U.S. forces confirm killing Afghan civilians

US plans to station diplomats in Iran for first time since 1979
The US plans to establish a diplomatic presence in Tehran for the first time in 30 years as part of a remarkable turnaround in policy by President George Bush.

U.S. eyes humanitarian drills with Chinese military

Airport Gestapo: How Bush's No Fly List is Making Americans Unsafe
The Bush Regime’s “terrorist” protection schemes have reached the height of total incompetence and utter absurdity.

Report: Iran war will spark backlash
A new report prepared by the Rand Corporation for the US Air Force says any attack on Iran would only bolster the Iranian government.

Four Madrid bomb convicts cleared

You Owe $455,000
If you opened your credit card statement and it said that you owe $455,000, you would be quite concerned, right?

Oil prices slip after slumping 10 dollars in two days

U.S. figures show 25.6 pct of citizens obese
More than a quarter of all Americans are now obese, the latest U.S. government figures show.

Amber light flashing on U.S. dollar intervention
Three days before the last bout of coordinated central bank intervention to calm world currency markets, the International Monetary Fund's top economist opined: "If not now, when?" Many experts are now asking the same.

Gannett Profit Falls 36%

Blagojevich: Chicago May Need National Guard Help
As Governor Rod Blagojevich on Wednesday signed a new law that will put in place tougher penalties for selling guns to minors, he also announced he's got a new idea to help combat the violence that Chicago is experience: he's talking to the Illinois State Police and the National Guard to see if they could help.

26,000 Pastors for Martial Law Continuity of Government
'You've Got a Gun on Your T-Shirt'

Micro Generation and Micro Farming: Combating High Energy Prices, High Food Prices, and Tyranny
One of the world's leading experts on trend forecasting says that producing our own energy for our homes and cars (called "micro generation") will become a huge trend in the next couple of decades.What's he talking about?

Public's fading interest in global warming
Apocalypse? No! - Why there is no Global Warming Crisis

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.

Truth Rising: Sneak Peek

Ireland Says No to the EU: Lisbon Treaty Dead and Buried?

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