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President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran
President George W Bush has told the Israeli government that he may be prepared to approve a future military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities if negotiations with Tehran break down, according to a senior Pentagon official.

Iran to target '32 US bases' if attacked
Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons: Assad
Iran tried to deceive world by 'testing' old missiles, US experts believe
Iran vows to 'cut off enemies' hands' if attacked

World's largest mortgage providers teeter on the brink of collapse
America's regulators were last night shoring up the country's financial defences, after one of the biggest bank failures in US history sparked fears about the viability of the world's largest mortgage providers.

Mukasey Denies Request for Special Counsel to Investigate CIA Interrogators
Attorney General Michael Mukasey has notified the House Judiciary Committee that he will not appoint special counsel to investigate the actions of CIA officers and agents who conducted detainee interrogations.

World Bank's Zoellick: Food Prices High Until 2012

Kucinich: Demand that Congress Issue Subpoenas for Continuity of Government Plans
Congressman Kucinich - who is leading the charge for impeachment - says that the American people must pressure Congress every day to get to find out about continuity of government (COG).

Court rules strip-search of 13-year old for ibuprofen unconstitutional

Israeli jets use Iraqi airspace to practice Iran strike: website
An Iraqi website has claimed that Israeli warplanes have been using Iraqi airspace to practice for possible bombing of Iranian nuclear facilities.

Iran Missile Test Bluff: Old Rockets, Bogus Video
Iran says talk of US attack 'craziness'
Israeli police accuse Olmert of fraud, widen probe

IndyMac Bank seized by federal regulators
The federal government took control of Pasadena-based IndyMac Bank on Friday in what regulators called the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

Oil, gasoline rise to records
Federal Rescue Plans for Mortgage Giants Halted

Red Cross finds Bush administration guilty of war crimes
In a secret report last year, the Red Cross found evidence of the CIA using torture on prisoners that would make the Bush administration guilty of war crimes, The New York Times reported Friday.

President George W Bush lobbyist in ‘cash for access’ row

U.S. and Iraq scale back security deal plans
U.S. and Iraqi negotiators have ended efforts to reach a formal security pact before President George W. Bush leaves office in favor of an interim deal, the Washington Post said on Sunday, citing senior U.S. officials.

British government ‘to pull troops out of Iraq by mid-2009’

The Great Biofuels Con
Rarely in political history can there have been such a rapid and dramatic reversal of a received wisdom as we have seen in the past 18 months over biofuels – the cropping of living plants, such as soya beans, wheat and sugar cane, to generate energy.

Canadian ISPs Plan Net Censorship

Terrorism expert downplays shock bracelet for airline passengers
It was recently reported that the Department of Homeland Security has expressed interest in a "safety bracelet" for air travelers.

British tourists to US face new online 'green form' ordeal
Council uses terrorist snooping powers on 900 members of the public

FISA ‘compromise’ completes transformation of US into full police state
On Wednesday, the US Congress overwhelmingly passed legislation permitting government spying, including giving immunity to telecommunications companies involved in secret domestic surveillance programs.

US contractor in Iraq accused of electrocution deaths

Report Cites Abuses by Mexican Military
The National Human Rights Commission on Friday accused the Mexican military of wrongfully killing eight civilians at roadblocks, torturing witnesses and allowing soldiers accused of rights violations to escape prosecution during its continuing campaign against drug cartels.

9/11 Truth and the Reality-Based Community

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.

Truth Rising: Sneak Peek

Ireland Says No to the EU: Lisbon Treaty Dead and Buried?

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