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A senior Bush administration official's first reaction to seeing the twin towers collapse on 9/11 was that the buildings had been deliberately imploded with explosive charges according to an account in Dick Cheney's new official biography, which also reveals that Cheney thought Flight 93 had been shot down after hearing of its demise in Pennsylvania.


Report: Iraq may have world's second largest oil reserves

Proof Bin Laden Tape Is 5-Year-Old, Re-Released Footage


Reagan Official: Bush May Stage False Flag Events To Reinstate Draft
Bin Laden Uncovers Secret Formula to Halt Ageing Process
Another Dubious Osama Tape Appears When The Neo-Cons Need It Most
No Doubting Ron Paul's Warning Of Staged Provocation
Ron Paul: U.S. In "Great Danger" Of Staged Gulf Of Tonkin Style Provocation
Sheehan: Distinct Chance Of Staged Attack, Martial Law

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The Alex Jones Report July 16th, 2007



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