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Debunkers and even some of our own readers have questioned the validity of an article we put out yesterday in which Ron Paul warned of the U.S. being in "great danger" of a staged provocation that would grease the skids for the bombing of Iran, but the Congressman made similar statements in a speech before Congress back in January.


Selectees Clinton, Edwards Plot Against Kucinich, Obama

Even Bush Called the Security and Prosperity Partnership a "Union" Back in 2005


Ron Paul: U.S. In "Great Danger" Of Staged Gulf Of Tonkin Style Provocation
Sheehan: Distinct Chance Of Staged Attack, Martial Law
Bush Administration Prays For More Dead Americans
West Needs More Terror To Save Doomed Foreign Policy
9/11 Truth Invades Live Earth
Top Global Warming Advocate: Jupiter & Saturn Closer To Sun Than Earth

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Ron Paul On Staged Terror, Iran & the Economy



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