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Countering the frothing rabid hysteria that is being whipped up by a fervent media in response to three failed car "bomb" attacks in the last few days in the UK, ex-CIA agent Larry Johnson joined Keith Olbermann to underscore the truth behind the madness - that the so-called bombs were primitive at best and would not have killed anybody.


Going for smoke Today's ban is just the start. Could your home be next?

Democrats woo Hispanics with immigration reform


Brown Sweeps In On Staged Terror
British MI5 Had Hand In Previous Car Bombings
Fairness Doctrine About As Fair as Patriot Act is Patriotic
AP Smears and Sneers at Browns Again
Norman Mineta Confirms That Dick Cheney Ordered Stand Down on 9/11
Ruby Ridge Survivor Weaver Now Being Stalked

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The Alex Jones Report June 28th, 2007



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