London Bombings

Last Updated: Friday, 22 July, 2005, 21:36 BST

License To Kill: Police Murder In Broad Daylight and Nobody Batters an Eyelid
This is a blatant attempt to justify the cold blooded pursuit and murder of a man that was not one of the suspected suicide bombers involved in yesterday's attacks and a man who the police knew did not have explosives strapped to his body, which is why they shot him in the torso area.

Drivers battle snow Another Phony Al-Qaeda Group Claims Responsibility
There is no evidence that the group even exists. They have claimed responsibility for everything from the 2003 blackout to car bombings in Iraq, yet in no case is there any proof of their involvement.

A magnifying glass and a paper Prison Under Attack For London Bombing Coverage
Prison this afternoon was subject to a massive DDos attack on its flagship server. Tech guru Dwayne Coots who oversees the website said it was the biggest attack he had seen in his many years of experience. It has the hallmarks of a government attack.

Yard knew of second bombing
Man shot dead by police on Tube  
Tighter Bay area security
CIA power over Irish citizens
Military age raised to 42 
High-tech giants help Big Brother
China Plays Down Warning It Could Use Nuclear Weapons Against US
Naval Barracks Building Shaped Like Swastika
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Patriot Act: Terror Attacks Just in the Nick of Time: New terror attacks as Patriot passes - coincidence?

Bait And Switch in New London Attacks: Watch how quickly (or slowly) investigators ID the type of explosives and timers used.

Try Getting The 9/11 Fairy Tale Past This Savvy Combat Pilot: Speaks out on government version of events.

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