London Bombings

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 July, 2005, 23:43 BST

London Underground Exercises and the Magically Exploding Terrorists: Important Questions
The government contradicts its own story from minute to minute. Now we are being told that the bombers blew themselves up. Plus, more important questions about the exercises. Who was running the drill?

Drivers battle snow Londoners Suspicious Of Station Closures Before Blasts
Several different people on the forum of the London Evening Standard website are reporting their own perculiar experiences on the day of the bombing. Stations were seemingly subject of heavy police presence BEFORE the first bombing.

A magnifying glass and a paper Explosive used in bombs 'was of military origin'
The bombs used in Thursday's terrorist attacks were of "military origin" , according to a senior French policeman sent to London to help in what has become the biggest criminal investigation in British history.

All four bombers died in attack
‘Lon., Tel Aviv blasts connected’
BBC edits out the word terrorist
Cardiff bomb scare days before
New British anti-terror powers
Iran says Israel behind bombings
EU seeks to regulate television on the net
WTC: 'Bomb-Like' Explosion in North Tower Basement
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London bombings and the 'war on terrorism' consensus: Gauging initial official reactions, it appears that the London bombings will bring the "war on terrorism" back to the forefront
The London Bombings and the Class War: The terror bombings in London differ from the atrocities committed against the people of Iraq only in scale.
George and Tony Get their al-Qaeda Fix: The cruel, evil jerks who blew up the London subway last week, have about as much to do with al-Qaeda as a Beatles tribute band has to do with the Fab Four.

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