Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 July, 2005, 23:09 BST
G8 Black Block Agent Provocateurs at Work Again?
The police were clubbing peaceful protesters, but when the footage cut to the black bloc hooded anarchists, they were physically attacking police, throwing stones at them and smashing car windows, and the police just retreated and did nothing!

A new Pentagon strategy for securing the U.S. homeland calls for expanded U.S. military activity not only in the air and sea but also on the ground and in other less traditional, potentially more problematic areas such as intelligence sharing with civilian law enforcement.

A magnifying glass and a paper Cameras put police ears to the ground
The city is employing new technology that recognizes the sound of a gunshot within a two-block radius, pinpoints the source, turns a surveillance camera toward the shooter and places a 911 call.

Bush crashes bike into cop at G8
Bush 'detached from humanity'
Barcode could monitor students
Fox News subliminal brainwashing
Dem wants 'Bush for life' bill
Joint Russia-China wargames
  Controlled Demolition Of WTC: Compare and Contrast
Iraqis Say Security Forces Use Torture
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The Futility of Throwing Money at Africa
Spiralling 'aid' is intended to keep the third world in poverty
Complicity between the West and corrupt African leaders
An ongoing charade
Why Are Conservatives Nervous About The President's Supreme Court Pick? Hmm I wonder

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