Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 July, 2005, 17:01 BST
Veteran Radio Host Paul Harvey Triumphs Smallpox Blankets To Native Americans, Black Slavery
83-year-old veteran talk show host Paul Harvey has reached further into the abyss of zealotry and extremism by suggesting America should be less moral than its enemies in the war on terror and resort to carnal genocide in order to succeed.

The Ministry of Defence has drafted plans for a significant withdrawal of British troops from Iraq over the next 18 months and a big deployment to Afghanistan, the Financial Times has learnt.
On the morning of last week's Commons debate on ID cards, which the Government won with a reduced majority, Clarke indicated to BBC's Today programme that the Government would be developing sources for income for the ID scheme.
Pentagon Studies Dom. Warfare
Group fights military database
Steinem Protests Guantanamo
Russia, U.S. Naval Exercises
Bush Protects Alberto Gonzales
Stop Bush Appointing Gonzales
A magnifying glass and a paper  Big Brother UK Turning Into Stalinist State
A magnifying glass and a paper Hillary Clinton Blasts President Bush on Border Security
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In Defense Of Tom Cruise
Why did the establishment attack him when he spoke out against drugs?
Bush 'Down And Out' on Downing Street Memo
The infamous Downing Street Memo has suddenly grown wings in Washington.
Bono and the boneheads
Hype the G8's African 'debt cancellation' fraud

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