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Documents detail wider abuse of Iraqi prisoners

Iraqi prisoners allegedly were stripped of their clothing and exposed to harsh conditions at two war-zone detention facilities separate from the notorious Abu Ghraib prison, according to Pentagon documents obtained this week by The Denver Post.

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Florida "State" Citizen Spy Program Is National and Is Here in Austin, Texas

Alex Jones has learned that the program described below is national, as Homeland Security practices here in Austin, TX outline the same system. The system in Austin will be complete and without "revision."

American Taxpayers Fund $400 Billion International Child Killing Industry

America is the “world's largest donor” to the international child-killing industry. That terrifying reality should drive us all to our knees before the Lord, begging for His forgiveness.
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Bush Signs For Arms to Iraq (So they can invade Iran)

And since the fake handover the media have started reporting the actions of Iraq as if it's an automomous country.

Video Shows 9/11 Hijackers' Security Check

A grainy video found three years later that backs up the 'hijacker's myth. Another desperate attempt to create some kind of background to the official version of events that will support it in light of massive amounts of evidence to the contrary.
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