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Reporting On Possible Draft: Even "Conspiracy Theorists" Have Stories To Tell

Basing my aforementioned piece on a news story and some logical analysis, I spun a conspiracy so vast and sinister, that it reaches to the highest levels of government.

Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show, 12:30 CST every Monday on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Congress should slam the door on e-mail snoops

In the frantic race that seems to be setting the pace for the 21st century, common sense is being edged out by modern technology, and personal privacy has been left at the back of the pack.

Booga Booga!: Who Really Benefits from Terrorist Threats?

I could barely contain my yawn when I heard Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge claim last Thursday that there was yet another vague, shapeless attack on America looming over the horizon.
Paper ballots? No way, just trust the computer! After all, it never crashes in your home or office!
>> Only Traitors
>> Could Win Without Diebold
>> Osama Warms Up For His Next CIA Gig

China to demonstrate air superiority in Taiwan war games

China will use military drills this month to demonstrate its ability to dominate air space over Taiwan, an essential element in any invasion of the island, state media and analysts said Monday.

Fahrenheit 9/11 breaks UK record

Fahrenheit 9/11, director Michael Moore's unflinching satire on George Bush's administration and the American right, has broken box office records in the UK.
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Electronic Election 2004

>> Many of the tortured at Abu Ghraib were common criminals, not terrorists

>> Fury at anarchist convention threat

>> Sick Gulf war veterans 'were made to feel like the enemy'

>> Subliminal Advertising and Modern Day Brainwashing
>> Central Europe may host US missile defence

>> In Degenerate Europe, Even the Clergy Are Atheists

>> Indian minister strip-searched in US
>> District to install security cameras at school

>> New Lesbian Toy Dolls Packaged With Miniature Vibrators

>> Hit Rap Song Asks: "Why Did Bush Knock Down The Towers?"

>> Fourteen Signposts To Slavery
>> The Myth of Republican Conservatism
>> Philippine Government Tells Captors It Will Withdraw Troops