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Groups Object to Firefighters As Spies

Civil rights advocates criticized a plan to teach firefighters and other workers who regularly go into homes to report terrorist activity they see on the job.

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>> No Plans for Military Draft, Official Says

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Vatican Library adopts RFID

The Vatican Library in Rome, home of nearly two million books, manuscripts and other items, has adopted radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to identify and manage a big chunk of its large collection.

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An analysis of the September 11 attack: The people who claim Flight 77 hit the Pentagon have almost no supporting evidence, as this video shows. MEMBERS ONLY, SUBSCRIBE HERE
Bush could win without Diebold with the right VP.
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China to rehearse Taiwan 'invasion'

CHINESE soldiers will for the first time practise a D-Day style invasion of Taiwan on a densely populated island off the mainland coast this month.

US mercenary 'dangled Afghans upside down in private Kabul jail'

A freelance American bounty hunter who claimed to have been on the trail of Osama bin Laden has been arrested in Afghanistan for allegedly torturing prisoners after they were found dangling upside down in a private cell.
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Could Win Without Diebold

>> White House Insider: Bush Could Launch Nuke Attack on Iran, N Korea to Swing Election
>> Schwarzenegger Endorses DNA Fingerprint Initiative

>> Bilderberg 'performance' key to Edwards VP pick

>> Iraqi insurgents threaten to kill 2 Bulgarians
>> More like a police state

>> Coalition records its 1,000th death in Iraq

>> House leaves Patriot Act intact
>> Americans deny spy plane accident

>> Boeing Claims National Security On WTC2 Plane