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Elitist Rioters Run The Global Financial System, And They Are Using America To Create Hell on Earth
A world order that is based on terror, lies, mass murder of innocent citizens, and the most sophisticated propaganda campaign in human history, is no order at all.

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Oakland Police Fire Tear Gas, Flash Bang Grenades and Rubber Bullets at Occupy Oakland Protesters
New Violence and Press Intimidation.

1917: J.P. Morgan bought US corporate media to be 1%’s lying sacks of spin?
JP Morgan & Co purchased control over America’s leading 25 newspapers in order to propagandize US public opinion in favor of his corporate and banking interests.

Financial Illiteracy of Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists
The biggest issue by far is the fundamental illiteracy of those who choose to support modern society as it is today and as it has evolved over the past 100 years.

TSA: The Greatest Liars On Earth
Habitual and pathological, the government is addicted to telling murderous lies.

ACTA = Global Internet Censorship – Now Even Foreign Governments Will Be Able To Have Your Website Shut Down
If you don’t speak up now, the Internet as we know it today may soon be gone for good.

Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary
In a dramatic head-to-head contest that will win huge attention throughout the political world, I now believe that Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary.

How Ron Paul Could Win

Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb vs. Iran
Pentagon war planners have concluded that their largest conventional bomb isn’t yet capable of destroying Iran’s most heavily fortified underground facilities.

Navy wants commando ‘mothership’ in Middle East
The Pentagon is rushing to send a large floating base for commando teams to the Middle East as tensions rise with Iran.

Selling War: “You Furnish the Pictures, and I’ll Furnish the War.”
Throughout its history, America glorified wars in the name of peace. From inception, they’re perpetuated against one or more domestic or foreign adversaries.

More Phony Good News About the US Economy
It is really incredible to watch this meme flourish.

16 Statistics Which Show That The Number Of Americans Dependent On The Government Is At An All-Time High
The Silent Anschluss: Germany Formally Requests That Greece Hand Over Its Fiscal Independence

Former Army Ranger Set-Up by APD: Infowars Nightly News
Former Army Ranger Captain Antonio Buehler of the Austin Police Victims Legal Defense.

Concern over Twitter’s country-by-country censorship ability
Twitter is facing a backlash from its users after the website said it had the technology to censor tweets on a country by country basis.

The SHTF A Long Time Ago
Tyranny has already come to this nation, and moreover, it is out in the open.

ACTA is worse than SOPA, here’s what you need to know
You should have known the powers that be would return.

US sets May as tentative date for clash with Iran. Floating SEALs base for Gulf
Washington is preparing for military clashes to blow up with Iran in the late spring or early summer.

Iran Sanctions Conducive to Weak Dollar and Spiralling Gold Prices

Ron Paul: In it to win it
During this primary season, many political pundits have assumed that Ron Paul is not actively trying to win the Presidency.

Met Office releases new figures which show no warming in 15 years
New temperature data shows the planet has not warmed for the past 15 years.

Cost Of Second Greek Bailout Raised To €145 Billion
When the first revision of the second Greek bailout to the tidy round number of €130 billion was announced, we scoffed, mockingly.

Police roll out video surveillance truck called The Peacemaker
“Warning: You are under video surveillance,” reads the bold message on the side of the truck.

Copyright Industry Calls for Broad Search Engine Censorship
If the copyright industry had their way, Google and other search engines would no longer link to sites such as The Pirate Bay and isoHunt.

Rudolph Giuliani Confronted on Building 7
Rudy Giuliani Thinks Building 7 Is A Joke.

Ten Red Lines Washington’s Totalitarian Terrorist State Has Crossed
The government in Washington is a failed terrorist state.

NOVO: Gingrich was a lobbyist
Documents from Novo Nordisk show that the Danish company Novo saw Newt Gingrich as a lobbyist.

Obama in Contempt of Court in 'Birther' Hearing: Infowars Nightly News
Obama is found in contempt of court of refusing to show up for a hearing on the eligibility issue over his birth certificate.

Dreams Fading In America And Europe
Alex speaks with radio host and author Dr Stan Monteith.

The Original 99% Movement
Top Military Man Invokes the Occupy Movement in 1933.

Cocaine Found at U.N: Infowars Nightly News
Aaron Dykes covers the scandal surrounding 30 pounds of cocaine that has turned up at world government central, the United Nations.

Top Illuminati Dynasties That Run The Nwo with Author Fritz Springmeier
Alex speaks with Fritz Springmeier, author Bloodlines of the Illuminati, a literal encyclopedia of rare, unbelievable information that exposes the dynasties that make up the global elite.


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