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TSA Directly Violated US Constitution By Detaining Senator Rand Paul
In preventing Kentucky Senator Rand Paul from flying to Washington this morning, the TSA directly violated the law as written in the US Constitution.

Ron Paul Slams “Out Of Control Police State” After Rand Paul Detained By TSA
Rand Paul Detained By TSA Over Pat-Down Standoff

Voter Fraud: Dead People Cast Over 950 Ballots In South Carolina
Several more strange eyewitness stories emerge indicating potential widespread vote deception.

The End of The Mainstream Media And The Rebirth of Fact-Based Journalism
Al-Media, not Al-Qaeda, is the biggest threat to Western freedom and global security.

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Police State USA and the NDAA: Creating American Terrorists
The track record of the Obama administration on civil liberties is particularly bad.

The Future of Humanity
Alex discusses numerous threats facing humanity.

Our Last Chance for Freedom, Their Last Chance for Global Dominion

Is There a Single U.S. Mainstream News Story About the Mass Burial of 30 People Outside Chicago?
Is this just par for the course in the U.S. now? The new normal? Nothing to see here?

If The U.S. Government Keeps Spending Money Like This We Are Doomed…
…And If The U.S. Government Stops Spending Money Like This We Are Doomed.

Ron Paul: “The race for the Republican nomination is wide open—and is a marathon, not a sprint.”
Ron Paul Campaign Statement on South Carolina Primary.

Ron Paul in South Carolina: “Beginning of a Long, Hard Slog”
5 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is The National Security Candidate

Gingrich victory throws US primary race wide open
The party’s battle to pick a challenger to US president Barack Obama may last months, not weeks.

Jabba The Newt & Cyborgs Are Coming: Infowars Nightly News
In 2006, Gingrich backed censoring the web

Netanyahu: Israel must prevent the elimination of the Jewish people
The Israeli government has the “right, duty and capability” to prevent the elimination of the Jewish people and the Jewish state, said Netanyahu.

Nuclear Iran is past its point-of-no-return, yet oil sanctions remain on paper

Economic Collapse amidst a Mini-Recovery
If the entire financial system does not come down upon our heads and if we do not have another war, global growth is going nowhere in the year’s ahead.

Anger Over Debt And Poor Governance

Some Americans preparing for ‘civilization’s collapse’
A growing subculture of Americans who refer to themselves informally as “preppers.”

Cancer Drugs Make Tumors More Aggressive: Infowars Nightly News
Guest Mike Adams of discusses breakthrough research that suggests chemotherapy can be more dangerous than helpful.

More On Ron Paul
If Ron Paul’s libertarian handlers and support base could escape their ideology, Ron Paul could be much better positioned to win the Republican nomination.

Substance Over Style: Why Paul Can Win and Gingrich Can’t
Poll: Ron Paul leads Rick Santorum in Florida
Ron Paul: Preserve the Internet, Down with SOPA
Nassim Taleb: ‘The Only Candidate I Trust Is Ron Paul’

Health insurance company preys upon the poor with junk food reward program for vaccinating your baby
“Will vaccinate my baby for food!”

Afghan soldier kills four French troops over U.S. Marines video
Alex talks with software freedom activist and computer programmer Richard Stallman.

European Union agress on Iran oil embargo
An Afghan soldier who shot dead four French troops has said he did it because of a recent video showing US Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban insurgents.

US aircraft carriers to deliver ‘direct message to Iran’

Davos elites to seek reforms of ‘outdated’ capitalism
“Any object on your person could be privy to the eyes of the detector”

Gerald Celente on Trend Forecasting and the Crisis of Western Civilization
USA Today Gives JP Morgan Free Pass

Iraq becoming ‘police state’, says rights group
Iraq is falling back into authoritarianism according to Human Rights Watch.

US Resumes Drone Attacks in Pakistan
The US has resumed its drone operations after it halted the CIA-operated strikes November 26, 2011, when 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in NATO attacks.

Nine in Mexico dead from A(H1N1) swine flu
The death toll in Mexico from an outbreak of A(H1N1) swine flu has hit nine, with 573 cases detected, officials said Sunday.

Fukushima Cover Up Unravels: “The Government Can No Longer Pull the Wool Over the Public’s Eyes”
Too Much Radiation to Cover Up.

SOPA, PIPA Stalled: Meet the OPEN Act
SOPA and PIPA may have been put on hold, but other legislation was introduced this week to combat “online piracy”.

Yes, The War for the Internet Has Begun
We wake up to an entirely new Internet era this weekend.

The US-GCC Fatal Attraction with Pepe Escobar: Infowars Nightly News
Asia Times reporter and geopolitical expert Pepe Escobar joins the program to discuss the latest on the brewing war against Iran, and other tension in the Mid East region.

Atlanta Jewish Newspaper Advocates Mossad Assassinating Obama If Iran Gets Nukes
Andrew Adler, now that’s a name that should live in Jewish infamy.

U.S. Chief of Staff: U.S. and Israel have shared understanding of Mideast security
U.S. Commando Team Close To Iran Border

Police Device Can See Through Clothing
More police state technology on show.


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