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Ron Paul: “The race for the Republican nomination is wide open—and is a marathon, not a sprint.”
Ron Paul Campaign Statement on South Carolina Primary.

Ron Paul in South Carolina: “Beginning of a Long, Hard Slog”
5 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is The National Security Candidate

Gingrich victory throws US primary race wide open
The party’s battle to pick a challenger to US president Barack Obama may last months, not weeks.

Jabba The Newt & Cyborgs Are Coming: Infowars Nightly News
In 2006, Gingrich backed censoring the web

Netanyahu: Israel must prevent the elimination of the Jewish people
The Israeli government has the “right, duty and capability” to prevent the elimination of the Jewish people and the Jewish state, said Netanyahu.

Nuclear Iran is past its point-of-no-return, yet oil sanctions remain on paper

Economic Collapse amidst a Mini-Recovery
If the entire financial system does not come down upon our heads and if we do not have another war, global growth is going nowhere in the year’s ahead.

Anger Over Debt And Poor Governance

Some Americans preparing for ‘civilization’s collapse’
A growing subculture of Americans who refer to themselves informally as “preppers.”

Police Device Can See Through Clothing

More police state technology on show.

Cancer Drugs Make Tumors More Aggressive: Infowars Nightly News
Guest Mike Adams of discusses breakthrough research that suggests chemotherapy can be more dangerous than helpful.

NDAA Is Washington’s Totalitarian Response To Political Dissent And Economic Collapse
The American people are a big liability for the political and corporate elite who are openly hostile towards the U.S. constitution and Bill of Rights.

Alex Jones Special: Repeal Sec 1021 from NDAA Law

The Global Elite Are Hiding 18 Trillion Dollars In Offshore Banks

In recent days, the fact that Mitt Romney has millions of dollars parked down in the Cayman Islands has made headlines all over the world.

Megaupload Takedown: The Real Meaning
Megaupload Shows that SOPA and PIPA Aren’t Needed.

1.4 MILLION Gang Members And More Pour Into The United States Every Single Day
A vast army of heavily armed criminals has embedded itself in every major city in the United States.

SOPA, PIPA Stalled: Meet the OPEN Act
SOPA and PIPA may have been put on hold, but other legislation was introduced this week to combat “online piracy”.

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Yes, The War for the Internet Has Begun
We wake up to an entirely new Internet era this weekend.

The US-GCC Fatal Attraction with Pepe Escobar: Infowars Nightly News
Asia Times reporter and geopolitical expert Pepe Escobar joins the program to discuss the latest on the brewing war against Iran, and other tension in the Mid East region.

Atlanta Jewish Newspaper Advocates Mossad Assassinating Obama If Iran Gets Nukes
Andrew Adler, now that’s a name that should live in Jewish infamy.

U.S. Chief of Staff: U.S. and Israel have shared understanding of Mideast security
U.S. Commando Team Close To Iran Border

Ron Paul on Charleston’s 94.3 WSC w/ Kelly Golden 01/20/12
The GOP contender appears on Charleston’s 94.3 WSC ahead of the primary in South Carolina Saturday.
Ron Paul steps up South Carolina schedule
Bill Maher “Applauds” Ron Paul, Calls Paul Detractors “Brainwashed Liberals”
Wayne Paul Talks About Voting Fraud in Iowa

Is This Why They Won’t Prosecute? Top Justice Officials Represented Big Banks, Freddie, Fannie and Mers
Obama’s Department of Justice isn’t prosecuting any big fish.

More Economist Magazine Elite Promotions
The era of free-market triumphalism has come to a juddering halt.

Free Software Creator Speaks Out
Alex talks with software freedom activist and computer programmer Richard Stallman.

Anonymous Goes on MegaUpload Revenge
Rob Dew reports on the Megaupload shut down.

New York’s Long-Distance Body Scanners Challenge 4th Amendment
“Any object on your person could be privy to the eyes of the detector”

Fears of mutant virus escape halt bird flu study
Researchers studying a potentially more lethal, airborne version of the bird flu virus have suspended their studies.

Monsanto’s Best-Selling Herbicide Roundup Linked to Infertility
A recent study has found that Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide may be responsible for causing infertility.

Obama Administration “Rigging” US Census By Counting Illegal Aliens
The Barack Obama administration is quietly in the process of rigging use of the US Census of 2010.

Vote On PIPA Internet Censorship Bill Postponed
Key victory for free internet but effort to implement government control continues.



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