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AMA Journal: Make Participation In Vaccine Trials Mandatory
Population should be forced to take experimental shots “for the greater good”.

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Iran Threatens To Torpedo US Aircraft Carriers
Three US warships stationed in waters near Strait of Hormuz.

U.S. Requested Direct Talks With Iran, Iranian Lawmaker Says

SOPA Blackout: ‘Bill badly written & open to abuse’
Thousands of websites have joined the blackout in protest against the SOPA bill.

Who are the rating agencies serving?
Press TV interviews Max Keise about the credit rating agency’s role in having nations impose austerity measures on the people of Europe

The Secret Behind SOPA
It’s the end of the Internet as we know it.

Vaccine Pusher Sicks CPS, State Trooper on Mom
Alex interviews Infowars contributing writer and vaccine researcher Curt Linderman Sr.

NYPD, Feds Testing Gun-Scanning Technology, But Civil Liberties Groups Up In Arms
Terahertz Imaging Detection Out To Detect Illegal Concealed Weapons.

Russia says western strike on Iran would be ‘catastrophe’
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says attack would ‘pour fuel on the fire’ of Sunni-Shi’ite division.

Barak: Israel ‘very far off’ from decision on Iran attack
Russia Is Preparing For A Possible US-Israeli Attack On Iran

Turkish Intelligence Says Iran Plans U.S. Embassy Terror Attacks
Turkish intelligence claims terrorists plan to stay in five-star hotels.

German Euro-Deputy: S&P Downgrade Part of American ‘War Against the Euro’
“the downgrade is a targeted attack on Europe by the American rating agency.”

Decentralization Is The Only Plausible Economic Solution Left

Edible Microchips, Biometric Identity Systems And Mind Reading Computers
Will we someday find ourselves living in a “scientific dictatorship” where virtually everything that we do, say and think is monitored and controlled by technology?

1982's “Cold Sunday” and Global Warming
Thirty years ago, on January 17, 1982, America experienced the famous “Cold Sunday,” when temperatures in various parts of the nation plummeted to astonishing record lows.

Polio Vaccines Now The #1 Cause of Polio Paralysis
An estimated 100-180 Indian children are diagnosed with vaccine-associated polio paralysis (VAPP) each year.

Ron Paul Moves to Kill Indefinite Detention Provision of NDAA
Congressman said bill “provides for the possibility of the U.S. military acting as a kind of police force on U.S. soil.”

SOPA: Co-sponsors Defect, Backtrack After Blackout
Cockroaches scatter as spotlight is pointed at Internet censorship bill.

SOPA/PIPA Battle Rages: Tell Congress We Will Not Accept Censorship

TSA Is NOT Planning To Test Employees For Radiation
Agency says reports this week “missed the mark”.

TSA apologizes to elderly women for strip search at Kennedy Airport

EU Fiscal Union Treaty to be Forced Through Without Referendums
Nigel Farage exposes the EU technocrats’ latest effort to entrench its dictatorship.

Farage Welcomes the EU’s New ‘Snarling Socialist’ President

Secret National Security Council Panel ‘Nominates’ U.S. Citizens For Murder
Barack Obama doesn’t get to be judge, jury and executioner under the U.S. Constitution.

112 Questions To Ask Yourself In 2012
The beginning of each year is a great time to evaluate the direction of your life and to ask yourself some very important questions.

Fukushima Radiation Spreads Worldwide
California, Finland, Canada, Australia Hit By Radiation.

War on Terror: A War Without Definition, An Enemy Without A Face
The war on terrorism is a war without a definition of victory, and terrorism is an enemy without a face.

It’s Over – Only Two Republican Candidates On Virginia Ballot
In the Commonwealth, real change candidate and Champion of the Constitution Ron Paul will face down establishment flip-flopper Mitt Romney.

Can Ron Paul Win as a Third Party Candidate?

Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Sues Anti-Huntsman Video’s Makers
Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign committee sued the unidentified makers.

Military Versus Defense: Ron Paul Smacks Down WSJ’s Seib

SOPA and PIPA bills could threaten natural health websites with government-ordered shutdown
On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, went “dark” to protest SOPA.

Two Years After Haiti Earthquake, Where Did the Money Go?
Precious little found its way into the hands and mouths of the Haitians themselves.

China to expand real-name registration of microbloggers
Users of Twitter-like services told to register identities as authorities move to control spread of ‘harmful information’.


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