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Paul-Haters Plan KKK Stunt To Smear Congressman
Facebook activists discussed dressing up in Klan outfits as part of dirty tricks campaign to characterize Paul supporters as racist.

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TSA To Test Body Scanner Operators For Radiation Exposure
Following reports of cancer clusters at Boston-Logan Airport, the TSA is set to test its naked body scanner operators for radiation exposure, but still refuses to test the actual machines that thousands of Americans are forced to pass through each day.

TSA VIPR teams have a dream too

Netanyahu: Current Iran sanctions won’t curb its nuclear program
PM says further, more effective sanctions must be implemented against Iran’s central bank and oil industry.

Former UN ambassador says nuclear threat is now a ‘clear and present danger’ as Iran warns Saudi Arabia not to help the West
U.S. Sends Letter to Iran on Strait of Hormuz

Greek PM: Two Deals But No Drachma Ahead
Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos took straight aim at those who suggest Greece should abandon the euro.

The British Prime Minister Decided Taxpayers Shouldn’t Buy The Queen A $90 Million Yacht For Her 60th Anniversary
The British tax-payer funds her official duties and pays for staff to carry them out.

Congress logs most futile legislative year on record
It’s official: Congress ended its least-productive year in modern history after passing 80 bills.

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian On SOPA: ‘It’s Going To Break The Internet’
If you’re still in the dark on SOPA, this is an excellent explainer video from Up With Chris Hayes on MSNBC that will very quickly bring you up to speed.

Doctors unsure why thyroid cancer cases on the rise
Thyroid cancer, which affects about 11 people per 100,000 each year, seems to be on the rise. It’s a trend that baffles medical researchers.

US Backs Off Iran Attack?
The United States has cancelled a joint military exercise with Israel in a move some analysts are saying could represent a reluctance to support an attack on Iran.

Syria: growing Arab calls for military intervention as Assad announces amnesty
A powerful joint Arab front for military intervention in Syria was being formed on Sunday night, as the Assad regime desperately fought to stave off calls for action.

Truth About Middle East is Spreading
Tehran ‘studying’ U.S. letter on Strait of Hormuz

Mossad Agents Posed As American Spies to Recruit Jundullah Terrorists
A series of CIA memos describes how Israeli Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran.

The U.S. Government Funded the Iranian Terrorist Group Which “Found” The Documents Upon Which the Warmongers Are Relying

Rick Perry Defends Marines Who Urinated On Corpses
GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry has defended the marines who were seen on video deplorably urinating on the dead corpses of alleged Taliban fighters.

Ron Paul: EPA Abuses
Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments in Sackett v. EPA, a case of blatant federal agency overreach and abuse of private property rights.

Alex Jones Prediction Compilation
Several videos documenting predictions that have come to pass.

Indefinite Detention: The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act
With the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act into law, more Americans than ever before are wondering how the country could have descended so quickly into a police state.

Dead On Arrival: SOPA Shelved Indefinitely, Obama Succumbs to Pressure, Issues Official Veto Threat
The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is, in its current form, Dead on Arrival.

Israeli Source Tells London Times: Mossad Behind Iran Assassination
Israeli source describes alleged targeted attack of Iranian nuclear scientist by Mossad agents in Tehran in UK’s Sunday Times.

Is President Obama Being Blackmailed By Israeli Terrorists And Neocon War Hawks?
Iran War is Only Matter of Time

Reality Check: How Public Opinion Can Shape Your Daily Life
In this society, there is a major disconnect between how much value you may place in public opinion instead of your own own.

If You Are A Blue Collar Worker In America You Are An Endangered Species
Have you ever heard of the dodo bird? Once upon a time, dodo birds lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

The Accelerating Disintegration of America

Mitt Romney: Owned by Goldman Sachs
Presenting Mitt Romney’s Top Campaign Contributors.

Jon Huntsman Quits 2012 Presidential Race, Will Endorse Romney

Hackers shut down Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, El Al websites
Hack comes in the wake of series of cyber attacks over the past two weeks, and only a day after Hamas calls for harsher hacking attempts against Israel.

Killer flu doctors: US censorship is a danger to science
Dutch lab that created deadly bird flu virus attacks America for redacting its research.

The Aspartame Trap: You May Be Unknowingly Ingesting this Toxic Sweetener
The risk of artificial sweeteners is still very real.

Radioactive tissue holders found at Bed, Bath & Beyond reveal hypocrisy of failed national security
The Dual Ridge Metal Boutique tissue boxes sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores have been discovered to be radioactive.

Decision on expanding cyber defense program due in March
The government will decide in about two months whether to expand a Pentagon pilot program.

Dr. King family’s civil trial verdict: US government assassinated Martin
“What then is, generally speaking, the truth of history? A fable agreed upon.”

Poll: Ron Paul moves into second in South Carolina
A Reuters/Ipsos poll, released Saturday, found Mr. Paul tied with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum for second place.


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