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Ron Paul Closes In On Top Three In South Carolina
Exposure of Romney’s big government tendencies precipitates slide in poll numbers.

Nationwide Poll: Ron Paul Surges Into Second

SOPA: Reddit Confirms January 18 Blackout, Wikipedia and Others May Follow
It’s on — at least partially: Reddit has announced that it will be going dark for 12 hours to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act.

SOPA foes warn: Not much time left to act

Skynet: One In Three U.S. Warplanes is a Robot; 7,494 Drones and Counting
We may be pulling people out of war zones, but our dependence on robotic weapons systems is growing rapidly.

Newspaper Calls for Killing Israelis in Retaliation for Nuke Scientist Assassination

Three US Warships To Patrol Waters Near Strait of Hormuz
A total of three US warships will patrol the waters surrounding the Strait of Hormuz following confirmation that a third aircraft carrier strike group is being sent to the Arabian Sea as tensions with Iran rise.

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A Stunning 40% of Americans Are Now Independent. Ron Paul Polls Highest Among Independents, and Independents Would Vote for Paul Over Obama
Independents Prefer Ron Paul.

10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama

WeAreChange confronts Newt Gingrich @nhprimary
Newt Gingrich Denies Bohemian Grove Existence: Some People Have “Fantasy Lives”

U.S. military moves carriers, denies Iran link
The U.S. military said on Wednesday that a new aircraft carrier strike group had arrived in the Arabian Sea.

IDF Chief Of Staff Affirms Israeli Responsibility For Iran Covert War, Assassinations
Deadly Spark: What can trigger US-Iran war?
Iran: Retaliation will reach beyond Middle East

The Fear That Fed Money Brings
The hand of the US elitists shows more each day in the decisions being made in Europe.

Consequences of Collapse: Access to Critical Medicines Is Disappearing in Greece
When a nation goes into economic crisis the paradigm to which its people have become accustomed begins to deteriorate.

Who Is Flying Unmanned Aircraft in the U.S.?
Government Withholds Information on Drone Flight Authorizations.

11 Shocking Home Invasion Horror Stories That Are Almost Too Creepy To Believe

Is your home secure? Are you absolutely sure?

Internet Addiction Can Change Your Brain Like A Cocaine Addiction
Chinese experts who have scanned the brains of 17 young internet addicts and found that their addiction is changing the way their brains function, the BBC reports.

12 Infected With New Swine Flu Strain
The days of medical masks at airports and widespread panic may be coming back.

Obama Names Immigration Activist as Chief Domestic Policy Adviser
Muñoz is an immigration specialist and worked for the National Council of La Raza.

The West Blinks – Iran Embargo Likely To Be Delayed By Six Months
Why? Because the world slowly realized that the potential surge in oil prices would tip a world already on the verge of a recession even deeper into economic contraction.

Ron Paul Has Won: Young People Engage With Liberty, Limited Government, Sound Money, Anti-War Principles
The next generation of leaders in America are Ron Paul fans.

Ron Paul Receives Major Evangelical Endorsement from Dr. James Linzey, President of Military Bible Association
Rand Paul returns $500K in office budget to Treasury

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: “Ron Paul a Fraud…Huntsman Came in 2nd Place”
Despite national polls showing him joint second out of all the candidates, socialist MSNBC host O’Donnell labels Paul a “fraud”.

Government Refuses to Release Cause of Tourettes-Like Outbreak In School
Administrators in the Leroy Central School District updated parents and students about a mysterious disorder.

USDA Ignores Pesticide Ravaging Bee Population, Threatening Global Environment

The Next War on Washington’s Agenda
Only the blind do not see that the US government is preparing to attack Iran.

Israel is pushing U.S. toward Iran war, Russian official says

Glenn Beck Says ‘Solid’ Ron Paul Could Be Candidate, Just Needs To Escape ‘Crazy’ Supporters
Beck made a call-in appearance to the radio show that holds his name.

U.S. Marines Urinating On Taliban Dead Bodies In AFG
A number of websites posted a video Wednesday showing four men dressed in U.S. Marine Corps combat gear urinating on the apparently dead bodies of three men.

McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story: Director Bill Bean Speaks Out
Film producer has suffered intense surveillance and harassment since taking the footage.

24 Statistics To Show To Anyone Who Believes That America Has A Bright Economic Future
Beware of bubbles of false hope.

Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents
Current events in India should serve not just as a warning, but also as a foreshadowing of the events to come in the Western world, specifically the United States.

Think-Tanks Explained
Or, Where National Policy Comes From.

Romney Doesn’t Know What’s IN NDAA, Vaccines Dropped From The Sky & More
The major issues of the day covered on Infowars Nightly News.

Action Alert: Pro-fluoride fanatics pushing Pinellas County, Fla., commission to reinstate water fluoridation
The Pinellas County Commission (PCC) in Florida is now considering reversing a decision to remove fluoride from the water supply.

Sen. DeMint: ‘I really don’t want Ron Paul to drop out’
South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint told The Daily Caller that he doesn’t want Texas Rep. Ron Paul to drop out of the presidential race — at least not quite yet.


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