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US-Backed Terror Group Responsible For Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist
Support for terrorist organization part of covert war to topple Iranian regime.

Death of Iranian Nuclear Scientist Points to “Covert” War

Iran Interest Rates Raised To 20% To Fight Hyperinflation
Iran’s economy has entered freefall mode and is now experiencing hyperinflation as the currency implodes.

Le Figaro: Israel’s Mossad recruiting Iranian dissidents to work against Tehran regime

‘Obama has no balls to shut Gitmo for good’
Ten years ago America’s infamous prison Guantanamo Bay locked up the first 20 detainees accused of terrorism.

Ron Paul Is The Only Candidate With The Momentum to Challenge Romney
Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman campaigns are all collapsing.

Ron Paul To Everyone But Mitt: Drop Out
Campaign says unite behind Ron Paul to defeat Romney.

Watch Ron Paul’s Speech After New Hampshire Primary
Obama or More of the Same?

Senior Natanz executive slain in Tehran, US Navy, Air Force on Hormuz readiness
The deputy director of the first uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, was killed early Wednesday, Jan. 11 by a sticky bomb planted on his car by two motorcyclists.

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Report: Tehran car bomb kills Iranian nuclear scientist
Semi-official Fars news agency reports that Ahmadi Roshan, 32, supervised department at Natanz uranium enrichment facility in Isfahan; Tehran official blames Israel for bombing.

Official Blames Zionist Regime for Assassination of Natanz Official

China Edited Out of Red Dawn Remake
After many years in limbo, Variety reports that the remake of the 1980's mega-hit Red Dawn will hit theaters on November 2, 2012.

In The First Few Days Of 2012, US Mint Sells More Silver Than In Most Months Of 2011
In the first few days of 2012, the US mint has already sold 4.3 million ounces in silver coins.

Supreme Court Justices Slam EPA Over Its Treatment of Idaho Couple
EPA critics assert that the agency has too many regulations and too much bureaucratic red tape put in place without any real authority.

Boycott “GoDaddy” for Supporting SOPA: Internet Activist Frederick Reports
Alex Jones speaks with guest Frederick, a listener who kicked off the boycott against website hosting giant GoDaddy over its support for the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Leaked documents reveal US diplomats actually work for Monsanto
Biotech giant Monsanto has been genetically modifying the world’s food supply and subsequently breeding environmental devastation for years.

Lauren DiGioia Talks About Arrest and 26 Hours of Detention and Torture for NDAA Protest
Lauren DiGioia of Occupy Wall Street talks about the 27 hours she spent in police custody for protesting the NDAA at Grand Central Station.

Bilderberg Elitist Charlie Rose Invokes Ron Paul “Electability” Myth
Polls show Paul is the most electable candidate out of all the Republican challengers to Romney.

Paul Urges Supporters To Donate In Immediate ‘South Carolina Money Bomb’

Any North Koreans Found Not To Have Cried Hysterically At Kim Jong-Il’s Passing May Spend 6 Months In A Labor Camp
North Koreans who didn’t show enough emotion in response to the death of Kim Jong-Il are facing up to six months in labor camps.

“The Secret To How Our Society’s Owners Get Away With Everything”
Has escapism swamped and destroyed rational thought?

Does the Establishment Media Fear Ron Paul?

Post Admits Austerity ‘Killing’ Greece
In Greece, fears that austerity is killing the economy.

China’s Gold Imports From Hong Kong Surge to Highest Ever? – PBOC Buying?

Traditional Media to Bully Bloggers with NewsRight?
The Associated Press and 28 news organizations are all getting together to launch a new company called NewsRight.

Ron Paul “I’ve Been Warning People About Our Foreign Policy & Endless Wars”
Ron Paul speaks to Dana Bash, the CNN reporter that he had previous run ins with earlier in the week.

It’s Now A TWO Man National Race! Jesse Benton Ron Paul National Campaign Chairman

NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests
The absurdity of America today never ceases to amaze.

Dumb As A Rock: You Will Be Absolutely Amazed At The Things That U.S. High School Students Do Not Know
Are we raising the stupidest generation in American history?

Fox News Thinks Little of Their Viewers with “Sheeple Christmas Cards”
Alex covers the Christmas card sent out from Fox News headquarters that proves the media spin-masters think little of their viewers.

Al-Qaeda’s Safe Haven Is In Washington And Riyadh, Not Afghanistan And Pakistan
Al-Qaeda is a regiment of ghosts. It is everywhere, yet nowhere.

Emerging Totalitarianism
The fact that America is rapidly heading into a despotic state is obvious to anyone.

Confirmed Presstitute: CNN’s Dana Bash Worried About Ron Paul’s Success!
One shill reporter in particular, Dana Bash at CNN, was caught on video expressing her desire that Paul not move forward.

Timelapse Video Of A 30 Story Chinese Hotel Completed In 15 Days
While we have seen these videos in the past they never cease to amaze.

Report: Mass Suicide Threats at Xbox 360 Plant
On Jan. 2, over 300 employees at a Foxconn plant in Wuhan, China threatened to throw themselves off a building in a mass suicide.


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