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Media Ignores Santorum’s Support For Accused Child Molester Sandusky
Ron Paul hounded while Scandal that undermines Santorum’s “family values” swept aside.

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Will Diebold Voting Machines Cheat Ron Paul Out Of 2nd Place In New Hampshire?
2008 scandal saw votes for Paul go uncounted.

Rand Paul: Ron could win N.H. with independents
“I think there’s a remote chance we could pull an upset here if there is a large independent turnout”.

Feds find failures in Cook Co. homeland security project
Project Shield was supposed to make citizens safer.

Ventura: Navy SEAL 'Punch' Hoax May be Retribution For Supporting Ron Paul
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura tells the Alex Jones Show that the hoax story about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle punching him in a bar, an incident which never happened, may be part of an establishment backlash against Ventura for supporting presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Ron Paul Highlights @ NBC/Facebook GOP Debate

All of Ron Paul’s answers from last night’s debate in New Hampshire.

Santorum Brazenly Promotes More War and Destabilization
It is an unfortunate reality that those who pass for being informed in this country are often much less informed than those who simply no longer care.

Russian, French warships off Syria, Iran, US drones over Iranian coast
US, Russian French and British air and naval forces streamed to the Syrian and Iranian coasts over the weekend on guard for fresh developments at the two Middle East flashpoints.

Job Creators, Internet Architects and Security Experts Hate SOPA
Job Creators Hate Internet Bill.

Russia, Iran Proceed With Bilateral Trade, Drop Dollar; Russian Warships Park In Syria; Iran Accelerates Nuclear Enrichment
For anyone wondering how the abandonment of the dollar reserve status would look like we have a Hollow Men reference: not with a bang, but a whimper.

Unemployment Drop Masks Ongoing Decline
Greece should quit euro unless “massive” funding given: Czech

Law enforcement officials can now secretly install GPS tracking on your vehicle and spy on you without a warrant, says judge
As long as law enforcement officials claim to have reasonable suspicion that you might be involved with committing a crime, they are free to affix a GPS tracking device to your car.

2011 Nearly a degree cooler than 1999 in the US
Such remote years as 1981, 1986, 1987, and 1990 were hotter.

Pepsi’s lawyers say Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse
While drinking Mountain Dew, have you ever seen (or perhaps felt on your tongue) a thick, jelly-like substance?

Veterans, Active Duty Soldiers To March On White House For Ron Paul
Media ignores Paul’s service record and fact he has most donations from military.

Press Blames Ron Paul For Media Swarm They Created
Establishment attempts to ostracize Independents from voting for Paul.

Alert: Iran Crisis Headed for World War III

U.S., British, French and Russian warships converge in Middle East as Iran, U.S. and Israelis launch war games in Persian Gulf.

When War Games Go Live. Preparing to Attack Iran. “Simulating World War III”

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 1/9/12: No More Playing Fast and Loose with the Constitution!
The GOP frontrunner takes time out of campaigning in New Hampshire to direct an important message to the president.

MEDIA FAIL: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Lies About Paul Not Serving In Military
Influential Homeschoolers Coalesce Behind Ron Paul

For Euro Zone, the Heat Is on Again
The euro zone crisis seemed to vanish from the headlines for a brief moment as 2011 ticked over into 2012, but it is about to return with a vengeance.

Human carbon emissions could put OFF a lethal new ice age, say scientists
Cambridge university scientists say that a new Ice Age is due to start within 1,500 years.

CBS Reporter Blatantly Excludes Ron Paul From Coverage
Despite the fact Paul is surging and Romney sliding, gap now only 15 points.

Fox News Psyop Attack on Ventura, Paul & Alex Jones: Just More Tabloid Journalism!
Jesse Ventura responds from Mexico to the smear campaign and lies designed to destroy his reputation.

Tyrel Ventura Speaks Out Against Fox News Character Assassination of His Father

Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting In Meredith New Hampshire
Ron Paul on the campaign trail ahead of this week’s primary in New Hampshire.

Establishment Launches New Hoax That Ron Paul Is Ill

New Jersey Will Pay You $1000 To Destroy The 2nd Amendment
There is nothing more disgusting or detestable than a citizen informant.

Tebow Time
It is Tebow Time for the global financial system.

War Favours: New Libya welcomes leader wanted for genocide
Sudan’s president has offered Libya his help in disarming former rebels.

Iran to launch nuclear work in bunker in “near future”
Iran will in the “near future” start enriching uranium deep inside a mountain, a senior official said.

Iran Has Ability to Block Strait of Hormuz, U.S. General Dempsey Tells CBS
Iran sentences American to death for spying

Obama’s cousin: President shouldn’t ‘destroy our country’ [VIDEO]
53 percent of American voters say they at least somewhat disapprove of President Obama’s job performance.


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