Last Updated: Sunday, Jan 8, 2012 14:30 GMT
Consulting Firm: Video Attributed to Paul Supporters Probably Created by Huntsman Operatives
Evidence points to likelihood video came from source within or closely tied to Huntsman campaign.

Obama Propaganda Front Attacks Alex Jones & Ron Paul
GOP debate: Ron Paul goes on the attack, steps back into the spotlight
Paul blasts Gingrich for skipping military
Ron Paul running a solid second in New Hampshire
Ron Paul wins Idaho GOP straw poll

3 Things Are Keeping Gold From Exploding Higher
These forces have all acted to depress the gold price.

UBS’ Releases Most Dire Prediction To Date: Greece To Experience “Coercive” Restructuring With CDS Triggering Around March
UBS has just come out with its magnum opus.

Abuse of stop and search powers is a crime, says Lawrence inquiry adviser
Officers who abuse their powers of stop-and-search to further a racist agenda should be prosecuted for wasting police time, according to a member of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry panel.

How Flu Shots Make You Prone to Disease
In the winter months, it’s easier to become susceptible to various diseases, especially the flu.

Exclusive: Jesse Ventura Blasts Navy SEAL ‘Punch’ Hoax
Former Governor: Incident “never happened…someone is out to destroy my credibility”.

Obama Suggests He Become a Dictator, Americans Cheer
Should we be concerned that Americans are cheering when Obama suggests he bypass Congress and become a dictator?

Report: Britain dispatches advanced warship to Persian Gulf
Daily Telegraph reports that deployment of the HMS Daring is intended to send a message to Iran following its recent 10-day exercise in the Gulf.

West plans to tap oil reserves if Iran blocks Strait of Hormuz
Paranoia And Passion, Not Reason And Reality, Drives Conflict Between USrael and Iran
The US-Iran economic war
Mideast Expert, Ron Paul Agree: U.S. Actions Make War with Iran Likely

Iran holds military exercise near Afghan border
Iran launched a military maneuver near its border with Afghanistan on Saturday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

American, British, Israeli and Iranian Warships Sailing Towards Confrontation
US overthrew Iran’s democracy 1953-1979, armed Iraq to invade 1980-1988, now lies for more war
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Wall Street to “Open” Up Myanmar
Wall Street bankster Soros to open “official presence” in Myanmar.

David Icke’s ‘ad lib’ documentary at Occupy Wall Street
British author and researcher David Icke presents his experiences and thoughts from on the ground at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

Painting 9/11 Truthers As Extremists And Terrorists Is Malicious Slander

Is Negative Huntsman Video Attributed to Paul Supporters a False Flag?
Huntsman campaign first to showcase obscure video and politically exploit it.

APD Officers Assault Iraq War Veteran Antonio Buehler, Then Lie About His DUI Charge!
West Point graduate and Iraqi war veteran Antonio Buehler appears to discuss his harrowing treatment & arrest on New Year’s Eve in Austin, TX.

Jesse Ventura Wishing Troops to be Killed is Pure Nonsense: Tyrel Ventura Reports
Alex speaks with the Tyrel Ventura, the son of former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

Mainstream Media Lies: 23 Things That Are Not What They Seem To Be On Television
Most Americans believe the lie that the mainstream media is “fair and balanced” and is looking out for the interests of average Americans. Well, that simply is not true.

America on The Road to Total Destruction with Author Charlotte Iserbyt
Alex talks with Charlotte Iserbyt, who served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and improvement.

2012: The Year Obama Completely Ignores Congress and The Rule of Law!

The Dismal Economic Outlook For The New Year
There is no safety in a police state and a debauched currency.

Euro sinks to 16-month low


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