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Kill Switch: Obama Administration Fears Egypt-Style Revolt In U.S.
The Obama administration is busy attempting to pass legislation that would give the President a kill switch for the Internet in the United States while at the same time decrying Egyptian authorities for shutting down the Internet in a bid to deflate the unfolding revolution against Hosni Mubarak. The reason is simple - the government fears an Egypt-style revolt occurring in the U.S. and wants to block access to the world wide web if and when it happens.

Egypt protesters call strike, ‘million man march’
Egypt’s military moves to take control of parts of Cairo
Egypt’s police return; foreigners try to evacuate
Al-Jazeera journalists arrested in Egypt
Cairo: Anger starting to focus on Israel, US
Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt
Egypt in crisis: vigilantes and prisoners on the streets
W O R L D W I D E : r E V O L U T I O N
George Galloway slams Hosni Mubarak the tyrant
The Egypt Protests in Photos
Anonymous Internet Users Team Up To Provide Communication Tools For Egyptian People

Police use CS spray on tax protesters
Zbigniew Brzezinski has called for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down as globalist stooge Mohammed ElBaradei prepares to act as the pied piper for a revolution that has been hijacked by the global

Anarchists plotting to cause chaos at the Royal Wedding with smoke bombs and roadblocks

Globalist Stooge ElBaradei Prepares To Hijack Egyptian Revolution
Zbigniew Brzezinski has called for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down as globalist stooge Mohammed ElBaradei prepares to act as the pied piper for a revolution that has been hijacked by the global elite.

10 Things That The Egypt Riots Can Teach Us About What Happens When Society Breaks Down
As Egypt goes offline US gets internet ‘kill switch’ bill ready
The Internet Kill Switch – One Of The Favorite New Tools Of Tyrannical Governments All Over The Globe
Egypt and Tunisia usher in the new era of global food revolutions
Prominent Former Egyptian MP and Presidential Candidate: The Looting of the Cairo Museum Was Carried Out by Government Employees
Governments scramble to fly citizens out of Egypt
Mubarak Sends Out Warplanes
As Egyptian Anger Swells, Will America (And Its Regional Interests) Be Targeted Next: “They Are Attacking Us With American Weapons”
ATMs Running Out Of Cash In Egypt, While Traders Pull Up To $500 Million Per Day From Country
Former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs: Egyptians, Greeks, Tunisians and British Are All Protesting Against Pillaging of Their Economies

The Terrorizing Truth About 9/11: It’s Not A Matter of Keeping Secrets, But Maintaining a Grand Myth
The truth about 9/11 is slowly gaining the status of common knowledge, but it’s been a real and frustrating decade-long struggle to set the historical record straight.

Middle Britain’s tax rates ‘could rise to 83%’
Nearly a million people will see their tax rates soar as the government’s austerity package kicks in this spring, potentially to as high as 83%.

’40,000 violations of the law’ in FBI snooping: report
As the US prepares once again to extend the Patriot Act, a new report from a privacy watchdog indicates that the FBI’s use of the law and other surveillance powers may have led to as many as 40,000 violations of the law by the bureau in the years since 9/11.

Plastics chemical BPA reduces sperm health
Exposure to the ubiquitous industrial chemical bisphenol A (BPA) has once again been linked to decreased sperm health, this time in humans, in a study conducted by researchers from Kaiser Permanente and published in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

Corporate US Media's Woeful, Sanitized Egypt Coverage Amounts To Censorship
While the ailing dictatorship government in Egypt is busy rounding up and arresting Al Jazeera journalists in an attempt to control the release of footage and accounts of the mass uprising going on throughout the entirety of the country, the disgraceful corporate American media has once again shown itself to be just as strictly regulated in terms of the content it provides to viewers.

AAA Rating Tough to Defend as U.S. Debt Soars
Last week, Standard & Poor’s lowered Japan’s bond rating to AA-, the fourth-highest level. By that standard, the U.S. got away with a slap on the wrist from Moody’s Investors Service, which warned merely that “the probability of assigning a negative outlook in the coming two years is rising.”

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

WikiLeaks founder plans major leak if his website is shut down permanently
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Sunday detailed a plan to release a deluge of secret documents should the whistleblower website be permanently shut down.

China Central Bank Advisor Urges Increase In Official Gold And Silver Reserves
And so the long anticipated incursion by the PBOC, whose holdings of gold are behind even those of GLD, begins.

A Nation Exclusively Run For Corporate Interests
The US welfare state rumbles on and in some sectors of business it is being encouraged. We have to assume this attitude is based on more and increasing profits.

Prince warns S. Arabia of apocalypse
Saudi Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has warned the country’s royal family to step down and flee before a military coup or a popular uprising overthrows the kingdom.

Anti-government protests in Albania
New protests erupt in Yemen
Thousands in Algeria protest march: organizers

TSA shuts door on private airport screening program
A program that allows airports to replace government screeners with private screeners is being brought to a standstill, just a month after the Transportation Security Administration said it was “neutral” on the program.

Medical examiner: Homicide victim John Wheeler died of ‘blunt force trauma’
Homicide victim John P. Wheeler III, a former Pentagon official and presidential aide whose body was discovered Dec. 31 in a Wilmington landfill, was beaten to death in an assault, the Delaware medical examiner’s office announced today.

Meteorologists blame freak Arctic weather phenomenon for US snowstorms
Meteorologists say a freak weather phenomenon over the Arctic is responsible for the storms which have dumped record amounts of snow on the United States East Coast this winter.

Is It Really The Warmest Ever?
Both NOAA and NASA this month announced that 2010 was tied for the warmest year. The UK Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University proclaimed 2010 the second warmest year since 1850.

Obama Czar John Holdren wants to ‘educate’ GOP on global warming — But it is Holdren who ‘desperately needs remedial climate science education!’



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