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Is the Egyptian Government Using Agents Provocateur to Justify a Crack Down On the Protesters?
Ayman Mohyeldin reports that eyewitnesses have said “party thugs” associated with the Egyptian regime’s Central Security Services – in plainclothes but bearing government-issued weapons – have been looting in Cairo. Ayman says the reports started off as isolated accounts but are now growing in number.

Death toll in Egypt’s protests tops 100: sources
Egypt vigilantes defend homes as police disappear
‘US’ weapons witnessed in Egypt
Police shoot dead 17 attacking Egypt police stations
Egyptians Defiant as Military Does Little to Quash Protests
The Egyptian Revolution Shows that the Us-Versus-Them Narrative of the War on Terror is False
Inequality In America Is Worse Than In Egypt, Tunisia Or Yemen
China micro-blogging sites censor ‘Egypt’

Mohamed ElBaradei: Globalist Pied Piper Of The Egyptian Revolt
The revolt in Egypt is an organically driven people-power movement to oust a dictator, restore universal freedoms, and wrestle the country free from the clutches of the US military-industrial complex, but the man now being positioned to form a new government is a pied piper working for the very same globalists and NGO’s that autocrat leader Hosni Mubarak has dutifully served for nearly 30 years.

The Globalists’ Egyptian Gambit: ElBaradei

Senior Egyptian Leaders Currently Meeting At Pentagon
Awkward timing — or a potentially restraining influence on the behavior of Egyptian security forces?

Follow The Egyptian Revolution Live Via Al Jazeera

Mubarak Clings To Power: Troops & Tanks On Streets of Cairo
Mubarak ordered troops and tanks into the capital Cairo and other cities overnight and imposed a curfew in an attempt to quell demonstrations that have shaken the Arab world’s most populous nation, a key U.S. ally, to the core.

Egyptian President sacks his entire cabinet as 35 are killed in violent protests

Senator Nelson Wants To Give Police Power To See Through Your Walls
U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Orlando wants to give law enforcement the edge when trying to capture dangerous fugitives. That technology could include hand-held radar or heat-detecting devices.

See Something, Say Something Hysteria: Another Harmless Package

America Has Long Supported Egypt’s Dictatorial Leadership
Vice President Biden’s attempt to defend President Mubarak by saying he’s “not a dictator” is like Nixon saying “I am not a crook.”

US company provides tear gas to Egyptian police

Eulogy of Bobby Kennedy
Ted Kennedy delivering the closing part of the eulogy at the funeral of his brother Bobby, using excerpts from Bobby’s famous speech to the students of a South African university in 1966.

Prince warns S. Arabia of apocalypse
Saudi Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has warned the country’s royal family to step down and flee before a military coup or a popular uprising overthrows the kingdom.

Anti-government protests in Albania
New protests erupt in Yemen
Thousands in Algeria protest march: organizers
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

TSA shuts door on private airport screening program
A program that allows airports to replace government screeners with private screeners is being brought to a standstill, just a month after the Transportation Security Administration said it was “neutral” on the program.

Medical examiner: Homicide victim John Wheeler died of ‘blunt force trauma’
Homicide victim John P. Wheeler III, a former Pentagon official and presidential aide whose body was discovered Dec. 31 in a Wilmington landfill, was beaten to death in an assault, the Delaware medical examiner’s office announced today.

Meteorologists blame freak Arctic weather phenomenon for US snowstorms
Meteorologists say a freak weather phenomenon over the Arctic is responsible for the storms which have dumped record amounts of snow on the United States East Coast this winter.

America Secretly Trained Rebel Leaders To Hijack Egyptian Protests
As we have emphasized, the globalists are now attempting to hijack the protests and make lemonade out of lemons. Having become aware that regime change was inevitable, the US military-industrial complex is trying to ensure it controls the outcome by infiltrating and steering the protest movement.

Webster Tarpley: CIA Fuels ‘Mob Rule’ in Arab World to Change Power

While Egyptians Take To The Streets, Americans Accept Their Enslavement
While people in Tunisia and Egypt have taken to the streets in attempts to gain their liberty, Americans are losing their liberty with minimal protest.

Obama Criticizes Internet Kill Switch In Egypt While His Own Administration Tries To Ram It Through In America

CNBC Host Erin Burnett Implies America Should Support Foreign Dictators To Keep Flow Of Cheap Oil
“One more thing,” Burnett remarked. “If this spreads, the United States could take a huge hit because democracy in a place like Saudi Arabia, you’ve talked about who might come in power, what that means for oil prices. They’re going to go stratospheric.”



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