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V For Victory Was Psychological Warfare Campaign Against Nazis
“[T]he occupier, by seeing this sign, always the same, infinitely repeated, [would] understand that he is surrounded, encircled by an immense crowd of citizens eagerly awaiting his first moment of weakness, watching for his first failure.”

V For Victory: Pyramid Turned Upside Down

BBC Bias: It Was Heresy To Question United Nations Or Global Warming, Says 20 Year Anchorman
Whatever the United Nations is associated with is good — it is heresy to question any of its activities. The EU is also a good thing, but not quite as good as the UN. Soaking the rich is good, despite well-founded economic arguments that the more you tax, the less you get.

Blair Heckled Over Iraq Apology

Member Of Infragard Writes To Infowars
I am a member of Infragard. I was asked to join but only after I had heard about them from Alex and Jesse Ventura. I decided to go ahead and join to see if all of the bad things happened to be true. Most of it is. I now average about 3hrs of sleep a night reading the reports they post.

Former FBI Agent Coleen Rowley Calls For Congress To Begin “Church Committee”-type Hearings

22 Facts About California That Make You Wonder Why Anyone Would Still Want To Live In That Hellhole Of A State
Why in the world would anyone still want to live in the state of California at this point?

The end of The World: Dubai island development sinks back into sea after being scuppered by financial crisis

Bilderberg Owned Publication The Economist: Yes, Powerful “Globocrat” Elites Are Running Things, It’s Not A Conspiracy
We have referred many times to the push for a centralized world government control system as the “open conspiracy”. Groups such as Bilderberg, The Trilateral Commission and The Council on Foreign Relations are kingpins of this agenda, shaping the policies of the politicians and power brokers that they have effectively bought.

Tony Blair wanted a ‘gung-ho’ approach to Saddam a year before Iraq invasion
Tony Blair told one of his closest advisers a year before the invasion of Iraq that his government should be “gung-ho on Saddam” and had to “reorder our story and message” to convince public opinion of the need to get rid of him.

Bin Laden says France will pay a ‘high price’ for its policies in Afghanistan
In a purported audio tape aired on Al Jazeera television on Friday, al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden warned French President Nicolas Sarkozy that his refusal to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was a “green light” to kill French hostages.

You Are The Resistance Against The DHS Occupation Of America
America is in peril, the United States is being occupied as Homeland Security launches a total takeover of society and attempts to indoctrinate an army of citizen spies as the country accelerates its slide into banana republic despotism. Americans who can see what is unfolding feel helpless, powerless and overawed by the clear evisceration of their freedoms. The time has come for a massive campaign of powerful, symbolic, peaceful resistance.

Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012
Earth could be getting a second sun, at least temporarily.

First Entries For V For Victory Campaign Rolling In
It’s all about fighting back against the psychological warfare we are now being subjected to by our new would-be slavemasters. Use the V for Victory flyers we have provided to let Big Sis know that we are not her slaves.

Alex Jones: V for Victory Resistance Campaign Launched

Ron Paul: The Coming 2nd American Revolution & Exposing The FED
Alex talks with physician and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, author of End The Fed and The Revolution: A Manifesto.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Huge Numbers Of Dead Animals, Dead Birds And Dead Fish – What In The World Is Happening Out There?
Just what in the world is going on out there? Large groups of animals are keeling over dead, thousands of birds are falling out of the sky dead and millions of dead fish are washing ashore all over the globe. Something is happening.

Study: Are Prozac-popping fish present in the St. Lawrence River in Montreal?

Flu vaccine causing infant seizures; FDA to investigate
The Sanofi-Aventis flu vaccine known as “Fluzone” is causing febrile seizures in children, the FDA revealed yesterday. According to the FDA, 42 cases of seizures have been reported in children receiving the Fluzone vaccine. Most of the children suffering seizures are under the age of two.

Newt Gingrich tells Georgia Republicans he’ll be a candidate in ‘12
In the last 24 hours, former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich has touched base with several prominent Republicans in his former home state, telling them that he intends to make a run for president in 2012 using Georgia as his base – and that he already has his eye on office space in Buckhead for a campaign headquarters.

Obama Teams Up With G.E.; Iran Palaver Peters Out; 2012 Arrives At White House

Blogger Has Second Amendment Nullified for Insensitive Giffords Comment
It was admittedly insensitive, even stupid. “1 down and 534 to go” wrote blogger Travis Corcoran after Rep. Giffords was shot in the head earlier this month. “It is absolutely, absolutely unacceptable to shoot indiscriminately. Target only politicians and their staff and leave regular citizens alone.”

Glenn Beck “Shoot Them In The Head” Video Clip Causes Stir
Gun-control advocates press White House for stricter laws after Tucson shooting

More Animal Deaths: 55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm
Sempronius buffalo farmer Peter Head has lost 55 animals to a mysterious illness since October, but autopsies have shown no clear cause of death.

‘Very senior’ MI5 officer to give evidence at 7/7 inquest
A “very senior” MI5 officer will give evidence anonymously at the inquest into the 7/7 London bombings following a ruling by the coroner today.

Ron Paul on Morning Joe Roundtable
Ron Paul joins a roundtable discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss spending cuts and elimination of the national debt.



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