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TSA Now Forcing Opt-Outs To Walk Through Body Scanners
If the experience of a man traveling through Baltimore Washington International Airport last night is anything to go by, the TSA is now forcing people who opt out of the naked body scanner to walk through the machine as part of a psychological ploy to coerce subservience out of other travelers.

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Schwarzenegger: ‘I Was Addicted To Power’
Arnold Schwarzenegger is pulling no punches in his first formal interview since leaving office, claiming that the highest office in the state left him “addicted” to its power.

NASA’s Hansen: Impose Chinese Totalitarianism on America
Totalitarian thugs love China. They love its authoritarian government and absolute political power. One such thug is the climatologist James Hansen of NASA. Hansen thinks America needs to adapt Chinese authoritarianism in order to force climate change down the throats of the American people.

Stuxnet: Another "Conspiracy Theory" Turns Out To Be True
Despite numerous establishment blogs and websites at the time debunking the claim that Israel and the United States were behind the Stuxnet virus attack, that fact has now been admitted, leaving many with egg on their faces and proving once again that the "conspiracy theorists" were right all along.

Tracking Baltimore’s Motorists – ‘Are We Safer?’ Preview
In this clip from “Are We Safer,” The Washington Post’s Dana Priest investigates the reach of homeland security into the lives of ordinary Americans. Watch “Are We Safer?” on PBS Jan. 18.

Stuxnet virus attack: Russia warns of ‘Iranian Chernobyl’
Russian nuclear officials have warned of another Chernobyl-style nuclear disaster at Iran’s controversial Bushehr reactor because of the damage caused by the Stuxnet virus, according to the latest Western intelligence reports.

Seasonal flu vaccine fairy tale rapidly collapsing as the truth comes out
Like a medical house of cards in an earthquake, the seasonal flu vaccine mythology is collapsing right before our eyes.

Egyptian Sets Self on Fire to Protest Government
A 49-year-old Egyptian man poured fuel over himself and set himself ablaze in front of the Egyptian Parliament on Monday morning because he could not afford to buy bread.

Nigel Farage on ‘Monster’ Eurozone: Bailout Reinforcing Failure
In Brussels, Eurozone finance ministers are meeting to discuss whether to boost the EU bailout fund which was only set up last year.

Dem Congressman: ObamaCare Repeal Will Kill People
Democratic Calif. Congressman John Garamendi tries out the new, civil rhetoric.

Toddlers Punished For Racist & Homophobic “Hate Crimes”
More than 10,000 primary school pupils in a single year have been labelled racist or homophobic over minor squabbles.

Hansen: US Democracy Not Competent To Deal With Global Warming, Calls on Communist China to “Save Humanity”
The NASA scientist at the heart of the global warming fiasco seems set to stir more controversy after declaring in an op ed piece for The South China Morning Post and a personally published follow-up that American democracy is not competent to deal with global warming, and communist China now represents the world’s “best hope”.

Updated timeline of mysterious animal deaths
Here’s an updated timeline of the mysterious animal deaths now happening around the world. Conventional explanations for these deaths now border on the outlandish: A bird die-off event in Romania is now being blamed on “drunkenness,” for example.

‘No Refusal’ Blood Test Checkpoint Program Continues To Expand Nationwide
Wyoming will become the latest in a string of states to mandate drivers to submit to blood tests at DUI checkpoints if a new bill is passed via the Legislature.

Martin Luther King Assassination: The Evidence You’ve Not Seen
In 1977 the family of Martin Luther King engaged an attorney and friend, Dr. William Pepper, to investigate a suspicion they had. They no longer believed that James Earl Ray was the killer. For their peace of mind, for an accurate record of history, and out of a sense of justice they conducted a two decade long investigation.

Hijacked Legacy: MLK’s Dream Used & Abused to Push Pentagon Agenda

Sudan Next To Succumb To Bernanke’s Inflationary Experiment, As Country Threatens Revolution Over Surging Food Prices
About a month ago, some took offense at our characterization of the Chair-hewlettpackard-man as a “bearded mutant-cum-supreme genocidal overlord” after we predicted to the dot that his monetary policy would eventually lead to a global, well, genocide, presumably first in the developing world.

Missiles off target in major Taiwan drill
Taiwan held a major missile drill Tuesday just days after rival China unveiled an aircraft that uses stealth technology, but several misses spoiled the exercise.

States Warned of $2 Trillion Pensions Shortfall
US public pensions face a shortfall of $2,500 billion that will force state and local governments to sell assets and make deep cuts to services, according to the former chairman of New Jersey’s pension fund.

High Oil Price = Faster Economic Decline For America
Most Americans have no idea how important oil prices are to the overall health of the U.S. economy. Whenever oil prices have pressed toward record levels in recent decades, it has always resulted in an economic downturn.

Debt Bondage From The Economic Treason of Banks
Between now and the end of the year, most likely in the fall, we’ll see major financial and economic problems in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Those events will sorely test Germany, France, Holland and Austria.

Food Price Inflation Threatens Global Security
Austerity In America: 22 Signs That It Is Already Here And That It Is Going To Be Very Painful
Niall Ferguson On Whether The Financial Crisis Will Lead To America’s Decline And A Glimpse Of The “Post-Pax Americana” Dark Ages

Martin Luther King Jr.: Stop the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Stop the Mugging of the Middle Class and Poor by the Wealthy
The Defense Department’s general counsel said that he believed Martin Luther King, Jr., might have supported the current wars. That is easily disproven.

China denies N. Korea troop plan
Beijing denied Monday that it was in talks with North Korea about stationing Chinese troops in the isolated state.

UK linked to notorious Bangladesh torture centre
UK authorities passed information about British nationals to notorious Bangladeshi intelligence agencies and police units, then pressed for information while the men were being held at a secret interrogation centre where inmates are known to have died under torture.

Homeland Security Illegally Seizing Citizens Electronic Products Upon Re-entry To Country
For those who regularly write and read about civil liberties abuses, it’s sometimes easy to lose perspective of just how extreme and outrageous certain erosions are.



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