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Court Rules Government Can Keep Naked Body Scanner Images Secret
A federal judge has ruled that the Department of Homeland Security can keep images produced by x-ray body scanners out of the public domain, in a blow to privacy group The Electronic Privacy Information Center' s (EPIC) efforts to release more than 2000 of the images that show intimate details of airport travelers' bodies.

TSA makes ‘nominal’ payment to settle suit over exposing 24-year-old’s breasts

Congress, Once Again, Looks To Extend Patriot Act With Little Or No Debate
So here we are in 2011, and where’s the debate and the promised effort to sunset the worst aspects of the Patriot Act?

Pentagon official: Martin Luther King would support Iraq, Afghan wars

An Obama administration official said that nonviolent icon Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would “understand” and “recognize” the need for the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if he were alive today.

Anonymous urges global protests
“The internet needs champions and we will rise…We are Anonymous and so are you. Stand up and fight. Every city, everywhere,” the video message said.

City puts a stop to homeless outreach
Bobby and Amanda Herring spent more than a year providing food to homeless people in downtown Houston every day. They fed them, left behind no trash and doled out warm meals peacefully without a single crime being committed, Bobby Herring said.

Boy, 9, has Disney World trip ruined after US immigration rules him a threat
A nine-year-old boy’s dream trip to Disney World was ruined when US immigration officials ruled he was a threat.

Fox News anchor advocates Internet ID system to ‘tone down the viciousness’
The host of the Fox News Channel’s “On The Record With Greta Van Susteren” suggested an identification system for Internet users seeking to post and comment at online venues, predicting it would lighten up the national dialogue.

FBI Targets Critics Of Government With Home Visits After Arizona Shootings
We can add another victim to the Tucson tragedy - the right to criticize government without fear of getting a knock on your door from the feds. Despite the fact that shooter Jared Loughner was not politically motivated, the FBI is now compiling a list of Americans deemed a potential threat because they criticized their representative - and targeting them with home visits.

Oh My! 2010 tied for ‘hottest’ year?! Relax, it is ‘purely a political statement’
There they go again. The global warming establishment and the media are crowing about 2010 being in a tie for the “hottest year” ever. Everyone from Senator John Kerry to Joe Romm are screaming that this is “proof” the planet is burning up in a Co2 induced hell — and it’s your fault!

A new measure of intelligence: Big-picture thinking trumps narrow-minded expertise
Observing the various realms of science, medicine, experts and world events, I’ve come to the conclusion that our modern definition of “intelligence” (IQ) is seriously lacking.

The Cult of Sanctified Violence

Jared Loughner reportedly posed that question to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a forum two years ago. Perhaps unwittingly, Loughner answered that question himself by murdering six people and attempting to murder fourteen others, including Giffords. In doing so, the young nihilist effectively privatized government’s central function.

Freedom in decline worldwide: US report
Global freedom declined for a fifth straight year in 2010 as authoritarian regimes dug in worldwide and crime and unrest plagued democracies like Mexico, a US watchdog said Thursday.

Weather control is no myth: Scientists engineer thunderstorms over Abu Dhabi
Discussions of weather control technology used to be limited to the hushed gossip of conspiracy theorists, but it turns out the conspiracy theorists were right (again). Today in Abu Dhabi, scientists have successfully manipulated entire weather systems, causing up tofifty downpours of rainacross the Al Ain region the desert nation over the last year.

Is Government Attempting Nixonesque Dirty Trick with Loughner?
On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN Jared Lee Loughner was motivated by his political views to shoot Rep. Gifford and others last week.

Clear Channel pulls Limbaugh’s ‘Straight Shooter’ billboard in Tucson
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Russia declares option to withdraw from START treaty if feels threatened by West
Russia’s parliament moved closer to approving a landmark arms reduction treaty with Washington Friday by amending domestic legislation to stress that Moscow could withdraw from the pact if it felt threatened by the West.

Texas Road Workers Fired On From Across The Border
Authorities say a gunman fired on workers who were repairing a road Thursday near the U.S.-Mexican border in West Texas.

Rising gasoline prices sour U.S. consumer mood
Rising gasoline prices beat down U.S. consumer sentiment in early January, overshadowing an improved job outlook and passage of temporary federal tax breaks, a survey released on Friday showed.

Now 300 dead birds fall from the sky in Alabama (how much longer can scientists keep saying this is normal?)
Up to 300 dead birds have been found on the side of an Alabama highway in the latest mass animal death to be reported.

Surprise! Border officials seize Canadian woman’s Kinder egg
The controversy over airport body scanners has created a crop of entrepreneurs hawking items that promise to keep parts of your body from showing up on the images TSA agents see.

Former Judge to AZ Sheriff: ‘Shut Up Before You Do Any More Damage to the Prosecution’s Case’
Says Rep. Gohmert to the sheriff: “Shut up before you do any more damage to the prosecution’s case.”

The Dubious Youtube Account Of Shooter Jared Loughner
Mark Levin to MSNBC Hosts: ‘I’m Gonna Drag Your Ass Into Court’
Clyburn Continues Campaign Against Free Speech

Behind Tunisia Unrest, Rage Over Wealth of Ruling Family
This ancient Mediterranean hamlet, advertised as the Tunisian St.-Tropez, has long been the favorite summer getaway of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and his large extended family, many of whom have built vast beachfront mansions here with the wealth they have amassed during his years in power.

Silver: From $30/oz to over $500 by 2020
And from $500 to $5000 by 2030!

Government Says No to Helping States and Main Street, While Continuing to Throw Trillions at the Giant Banks
US Mint Reports Unprecedented Buying Spree Of Physical Silver
Price Shocks, Food Shortages And Global Economic Riots In 2011?
Who, How and Why: $140 Oil and $5 Gas
20 Shocking New Economic Records That Were Set In 2010

House set to vote on healthcare repeal
The U.S. House of Representatives will resume action next week on repealing President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare overhaul, a House Republican spokesman said on Thursday.

The app that can read your mind: iPhone brainwave detector arrives (it was only a matter of time)

It’s a device that would be more at home on the set of a Star Wars movie than the streets of Britain.



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