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"Toning Down The Rhetoric" Means Obeying Big Government
Despite the fact that Jared Lee Loughner was a psychotic loner with "left-wing" beliefs according to those who knew him, the establishment has hastily exploited yesterday's tragic shooting in Tucson to demonize conservatives, libertarians and gun owners while ordering Americans to "tone down the rhetoric," which is nothing more than a euphemism for stifling dissent and coercing people to roll over on Obamacare, bailouts and whatever big government is preparing to unleash next.

Establishment Media Demonizes Tea Party and Constitutionalists After Giffords Shooting
Second Suspect Wanted Over US Shooting Spree
Giffords shooter shows pattern of psychiatric derangement; no clear political affiliation
Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner appears to have posted bizarre messages
Suspect Influenced by Extremist Group?
Alleged Shooter Jared Loughner May Have Met Rep. Giffords Previously
Geraldo Goes Out of His Way to Connect Tea Party With Tucson Shooting
MSNBC Asserts Violent Rhetoric Exclusively From Right; Two Months Ago Featured Guest Calling for Violent Revolution From Left
Giffords Is A Gun Owner; Gun Control Group Calls for ‘Civility’ in Political Discourse

Did the Father of Propaganda Convince America that Fluoride Is Safe?
Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, created the modern field of manipulation of public perceptions.

Political Hacks Waste No Time In Shamelessly Exploiting Giffords Shooting To Demonize Political Oppositon
Political hacks have wasted little time in exploiting the tragic shooting of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to demonize their political opposition despite the gunman’s motivation being completely unknown at this time.

Internet Identity System Said Readied by Obama Administration
The Obama administration plans to announce today plans for an Internet identity system that will limit fraud and streamline online transactions, leading to a surge in Web commerce, officials said.

Climate Scientists Deepening Skepticism of Democracy
Does a liberal democracy have sufficient resolve to stomach the economic and political sacrifices required to stabilize global warming?

Man admits he lied to FBI to frame associates as terrorists
A man who lied to the FBI to frame several associates as a terrorists pleaded guilty Thursday to making false statements to officials.

Islamic group is CIA front, ex-Turkish intel chief says
A memoir by a top former Turkish intelligence official claims that a worldwide moderate Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s.

Food Stamp Usage Hits New High Of 43.2 Million
Ever wonder where all the money for equity inflows came from? Here’s the answer: with all the money saved from participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as foodstamps.

Obama upbeat as jobless rate falls to lowest level for 19 months
Ron Paul Wants You! (To Take On The Fed)

Obama, in blow to closing Guantanamo, signs law
President Barack Obama, in a setback to hopes for the quick closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison, reluctantly signed a bill on Friday barring suspects held there from being brought to the United States for trial.

MSNBC’s Brewer: People Are Taking Their Own Lives When Pensions Fail
MSNBC host Contessa Brewer said that people are taking their own lives when their pensions fail. She said “we’re hearing horrific stories, John, about people who are taking their own lives” when the plans they have made for their senior years don’t work out.

‘A militarization of US police’
US police have waged war, not on drugs but on video recording devices. Do Americans stand a chance when it comes to watching the watchmen? Radley Balko, Senior Editor for Reason Magazine says Congress or State Legislatures need to pass laws making this explicit, that you have a constitutional right to record government officials in public while on duty. Without that there will always be this kind of ambiguity.

Met chief attacks rise of the police in black shirts

Presto! 9.4% Unemployment! How The Government Lies
Hooray…Happy days are here again! That is exactly what the elite would have us believe with the 9.4% unemployment number in this huge CONfidence game otherwise known as the USEconomy.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Mother of Five Gets FBI Visit for Exercising First Amendment (VIDEO)
In his book Friendly Fascism, author Bertram Gross argues that when fascism comes to America it will be “friendly” and lack the overt brutality of the classic varieties of German and Italian fascism.

5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography! (Why Is This Not A Bigger Story?)
The Pentagon’s investigation of defense and intelligence employees who downloaded child pornography is being criticized in Congress after the Department of Defense acknowledged that its investigators failed to check thoroughly whether its employees were on a list of suspected porn viewers.

Unfortunately, Obamacare Is Not Going To Be Repealed In 2010, It Is Not Going To Be Repealed In 2011 And There Is A Good Chance That It May Never Be Repealed
Right now the mainstream media is paying a lot of attention to the effort by Republicans in the House of Representatives to repeal the health care reform law that Barack Obama and the Democrats crammed down the throats of the American people during the last session of Congress.

A clue to CIA mystery that has defeated the world’s codebreakers
A cryptic puzzle known as the Kryptos, located outside the CIA’s headquarters, is testing the world’s finest code crackers.

Arizona Assassin Obsessed With Mind Control
Jared Loughner, the gunman who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and numerous other victims including a Federal Judge and a nine-year-old girl during a political event in Tuscon today, was a US military recruit who was obsessed with mind control, mirroring the circumstances of many other mass shooters in history.

Who’s Behind the Congresswoman’s Shooting in Arizona?

US wants Twitter details of Wikileaks activists
The US government has subpoenaed the social networking site Twitter for personal details of people connected to Wikileaks, court documents show.

CDC adjusts fluoride poisoning of America’s water supply to a lower level
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) today issued a startling report that admits2 in 5 children in America show signs of fluoride poisoning(streaking, spotting or pitting of teeth due to dental fluorosis).

Royal Family granted new right of secrecy
The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William.

7 Reasons Food Shortages Will Become a Global Crisis
Food inflation is here and it’s here to stay. We can see it getting worse every time we buy groceries. Basic food commodities like wheat, corn, soybeans, and rice have been skyrocketing since July, 2010 torecord highs.

So congress read the Constitution: Well, isn’t that special
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday that the “misguided” House Republicans “have to understand that the health care bill is not going to be repealed” and that they “should get a new lease on life and talk about something else.”

John Boehner Can’t Think Of A Single Government Program He Would Cut
New Speaker of the House John Boehner was unable to come up with a single government program he would cut when quized by NBC’s Brian Williams.

What Really Happened When Pelosi Handed Over The Gavel



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