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Ron Paul: Geithner Should Be Fired Over Bankergate
Congressman Ron Paul has called for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to be fired for his involvement in the AIG bailout scandal, adding that the fiasco proves the Fed should be stripped of its powers and audited.

Bankergate: Emails Expose Criminal Financial Dictatorship At Work
Explosive emails released last week could see Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner become embroiled in criminal charges for his role in a cover up that exposes the monumental criminality behind the $182.3 billion bailout of American International Group Inc.

America slides deeper into depression as Wall Street revels
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CIA planned to ‘rendition’ suspects in Germany: report
The CIA had 25 agents in Germany after the September 11 attacks and planned to “rendition” illegally al-Qaeda suspects without informing the German government, Spiegel magazine reported Sunday.

85-Year-Old Woman Terrorized By Airport Security Thugs
An 85-year-old woman who was terrorized by airport security thugs at Ottawa Airport yesterday got little sympathy from Canadian transport minister John Baird, who refused to apologize, warning that disabled grandmas will continue to be treated as possible Al-Qaeda suicide bombers.

Protests grow over new US travel watchlist
Full-body scanners used on air passengers may damage human DNA

Torture Is Continuing Under the Obama Administration, Creating More Terrorists and Further Destabilizing the Economy
Way to create more terrorists and to further disrupt the civilian economy, Obama administration.

The mini ice age starts here

The bitter winter afflicting much of the Northern Hemisphere is only the start of a global trend towards cooler weather that is likely to last for 20 or 30 years, say some of the world’s most eminent climate scientists.

Robert Gibbs: Record Cold Is Result of ‘Climate Change’
Al Gore ‘Answers’ His Critics
December 2009: Second Snowiest on Record in the Northern Hemisphere
Climategate: We’re winning!

Iran can be bombed says General Petraeus
The US military commander for the Middle East and the Gulf region has confirmed that the United States has developed contingency plans to deal with Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Health Care, C-Span and Other Broken Promises
How many of you would let your children, business partners, employees, or friends be consistently dishonest? Would you pay for a product that you had not seen or researched?

Swine flu: Ministers ‘preparing to offload millions of unwanted vaccines’
Ministers are preparing to offload millions of unwanted swine flu vaccines, it has emerged, as officials predicted that there will be no third wave of the pandemic this winter.

The ‘false’ pandemic: Drug firms cashed in on scare over swine flu, claims Euro health chief

Body scanners can store, send images, group says
A privacy group says the Transportation Security Administration is misleading the public with claims that full-body scanners at airports cannot store or send their graphic images.

The Bush legacy, a decade of pain
It’s not just the tragedy of 9/11, which most intelligent people realize by now was government-sponsored terror on America, a false-flag operation that continues to this day via Abdulmutallab’s (faux) attempt at terrorism.

Corrupt China officials pocket 50 billion: media
Thousands of officials have fled China over the past 30 years with some 50 billion dollars in public funds, state media said Monday, as the government scrambles to stem the tide of corruption.

China banks eclipse US rivals
Chinese banks have cemented their position as the most highly valued financial institutions, taking four of the top five slots in a ranking of banks’ share prices as a multiple of their book values.

China Ends U.S.’s Reign as Largest Auto Market

Amish families exempt from insurance mandate
Federal health care reform will require most Northern New Yorkers — but not all, it turns out — to carry health insurance or risk a fine.

A North American security perimeter on the horizon
NAFTA has extended from economic integration into a political and regional security pact which has been achieved through the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America, Plan Mexico, as well as other initiatives.

Could we be in for 30 years of global COOLING?
Britain’s big freeze is the start of a worldwide trend towards colder weather that seriously challenges global warming theories, eminent scientists claimed yesterday.

Lawmaker presses NY Fed on AIG payment details
A U.S. lawmaker said on Sunday he is seeking more information from the New York Federal Reserve Bank about its controversial emails on insurer AIG’s bailout, saying he was shocked that the disclosures were never brought to then-bank president Timothy Geithner’s attention.

Ron Paul On Bringing Transparency To The Federal Reserve
In this oldie but a goodie, Ron Paul hammers home the point of why the Federal Reserve needs to finally be accountable and transparent, despite the desires of Barney Frank, Wall Street, Ben Bernanke and all the current failed system’s apparatchicks who will stop at nothing to perpetuate the broken status quo.

In 2009, the Federal Reserve Bought 80% of U.S. Debt?!
Oil Rises to a 15-Month High on Cold Weather, Weaker Dollar

TV Presenter Warned By Police – Carrying Knife In Own Home Is Illegal
Myleene Klass was said to be “aghast” and “bemused” after being warned by police for waving a knife at youths who entered her garden.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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